What does Octopath Traveler's Success Really Mean?

Hitting 1M units sold isn’t easy…

Hey guys! It’s your buddy Chipz-N-Stix here with a brand new post, and a new video! I’ll be trying my best to put out more of these for you guys to watch and enjoy, and hopefully you’ll get something out of it like I did when looking into these topics. I always aim to share whatever info and opinions I have about certain things that are gaming related.
This time, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the meaning of the success behind Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch. There’s a reason why those two companies are in bold, and if you’re like me you’ll be intrigued as to what is possible in the future. With that said – sit back, relax and enjoy the video!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4MAxjBEOfo&w=560&h=315]
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Mother 3 May Arrive In Due Time On Nintendo Switch

The big question is when will it get here?

I don’t know why, but I just had the urge to talk about the Earthbound series aka Mother (as it’s known in Japan). This franchise has a huge following, and I’m not sure one can call it a cult following anymore. Fans have been asking for this game for several years now, and with the Nintendo Switch being so successful it would only make sense to port it over, or even make a new game.
First there was Earthbound that debuted on the Super NES. This is an oddly written, yet lovable RPG with a turn-based battle system. I’ll be playing this game some more soon enough but from what I gather you’re this little kid that fights aliens. You also travel with some friends and a dog I think. One thing that I know for sure is that your fat friend is useless in battles.I feel like this particular series is one of those deep rabbit holes, where pretty much everything is ass-backwards.
So here’s the timeline of the series that pertains to the U.S. version.   What we call Earthbound herein the U.S.(and possibly over in Europe) is really Mother 2 in Japan. Mother 1 was released in Japan back in 1989 for the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System). Just when most of us were Wii babies. Ha! Get it?? Anyway – there were quite a few issues with this sequel, so it wasn’t released until August 1994, and we didn’t get it until June 1995.
Image result for mother snes
The problem with the American release is that it’s own marketing campaign backfired. Nintendo should’ve seen this coming to be completely honest since this series in particular didn’t necessarily have a huge following to begin with. According to the Earthbound Wiki, Kotaku said the game was a “dud” and that the marketing was “bizarre”, and the game had “cartoonish” graphics that didn’t suit most players.I mean let’s be serious here, what were they expecting, 4K graphics?! This is the MotherImage result for mother nes series, not some super serious RPG where those things matter.
As a result of the poor marketing, the game failed in sales. It only sold 140,000 copies which is roughly half the sales it accomplished in Japan. Earthbound was later released again on virtual console in 2013 in which fans had a much deeper appreciation for it. Fast forward to April 2003, the sequel to Earthbound, better known as Mother 3 had gotten a release date. The original plan was to release a 3D version on the N64 but due to development issues 3 years prior (Y2K) it ended up getting canned.
In 2006 it was released as a special package cartridge that included both Mother 1 & 2 and Mother 3 for the Gameboy Advance. Mother 3 ended up keeping the same plot that it was going to have on the N64. This package was never released outside of Japan. Nintendo, alongside the development team were scared it was going to be another flop in the U.S. Regardless of the amount of support it received so late in the game(no pun intended) Nintendo didn’t care too much to re-release them. It was actually released on the Wii‘s virtual console back in 2013 as part of the NES Anniversary.
Which brings us to E3 2014. Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime addressed this issue, but this wasn’t the first time he’s addressed it. Back at E3 2014 he touched on this topic by making a joke out of it, in the form of a Robot Chicken episode. It was a funny joke to be honest. One that I missed since I never had a Wii-U, so watching their press conferences didn’t concern me at the time. Check it out below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgzkZC0reE?rel=0&w=560&h=315]
Nintendo recognizes the Mother fanbase along with the glowing reviews from major publications, and despite the ever-growing demand for those games Nintendo won’t give us the supply. What they did do, was give us Mother 2/Earthbound again on the SNES CLASSIC. The demand is so huge and fans are willing to do whatever they can to get their hands on these games, they even banded together to write a book that’s solely about fans waiting for a release date for Mother 3. This book is set to be released in late 2018 by Fangamer. They’ve published other Mother/Earthbound related books in the past as well. So essentially, we’re waiting for a book to read, about us waiting for a game to come out…there’s way too much waiting going on here!
The description of the book reads “Today, asking Nintendo to translate Mother 3 has become a huge running joke – it’s even been featured on national television and parodiedproduct_lol_M3_Book_1024x1024 by top Nintendo executives,” the book’s description reads. “But how did hope for a simple game translation blow up into something so big? Rumors, hype, letdowns, and lies – this is the story of the most-wanted game translation ever”. Check out the article about this here on IGN.
Now here’s some comedy for you – the title of this book is called “C’mon Nintendo, Give Us Mother 3”. That particular line has been used as a joke in the E3 2014 Nintendo Presentation above. Not too long ago, a prominent Youtuber named OJ aka Player Essence made a video with part of that joke in his video title and a lot of people misunderstood it. I almost fell for it too but I knew Mother 3 at this point in time had a snowflake’s chance in hell of being brought to the Nintendo Switch.  Especially with all of the big plans Nintendo has in store for us, it just doesn’t make sense to bring this over. Like I said, at this point in time. He then had to do a live-stream on youtube to clear things up, as well as address a few other topics. I’m glad I didn’t miss that! You can check it out here.
Reggie also addressed these concerns back in 2016 during an interview with GameSpot and said this:

Oh, so earlier today I got asked about Mother 3; maybe you can ask me about Metroid. Look, again, I am proud as an executive with Nintendo to say that we look at all of the boards and all of the comments and we really have a good understanding of what our consumers want. And believe me, we take that to heart as we work to create content. So I have nothing to announce–here. But we are aware that there are some key IP that consumers just can’t wait for the next true installment in that franchise’s legacy. Suffice it to say, we’re aware of it, and talk to me in a year and let’s look back and see what’s happened.

To give you some perspective, that interview pertained to not only Mother 3, but a new Metroid for the Nintendo Switch. It’s confirmed Metroid is coming to the Switch, so maybe Mother 3 actually does stand a chance? Well, during E3 2018 Reggie Fils-Aime addressed it yet again, but this time he also addressed a few other titles that weren’t shown. In an interview with IGN he states:

When we have something to announce, we will. Fill in the blank of your favorite franchise. Our mentality will be we’ll announce information close to its launch date versus teasing people for years on end.  Again, we know, I know there’s a fan base for that title. All I could say is we’re aware. It’s something that we always think about in terms of where there are opportunities to reintroduce IP to fans, to do it in a way that builds new fans, we’re certainly aware. No promises, no commitments one way or the other, but we’re aware.”

I want you to stand back and look at this in the grand scheme of things. Try to look at the bigger picture here. Can you name any other video game with a history filled with trials and tribulations? Can you name another video game that bombed on it’s initial release in America, that went from instant cult classic to the most demanded game in history? What game do you know of that’s built a massive fan-base through word-of-mouth, successful re-releases and reviews over the span of 20 years?
If you know of any contenders feel free to enlighten me in the comments below. If there are any games like this, they are definitely worth mentioning. I’d even say they’re even worth playing. Make sure you subscribe to the blog and share this with other gamers!

Is Youtube Scared of Live-streaming Competition?

Youtube deletes channels promoting Twitch streams

Good ol’ Youtube, everyone is on it nowadays…or so it seems. According to engadget, certain Youtube personalities have gotten terminated because they were promoting their Twitch channels on their Youtube accounts. That’s right – Youtube doesn’t like when you promote their competition on their platform. Granted, what business would allow you to promote yourself on their platform, using a competing platform? It sounds absurd right?
That’s like Nike holding a convention and allowing an Adidas vendor to sell kicks…IN THEIR CONVENTION! Anyway, this all plays into the big stream wars that has been going on mainly between Youtube and Twitch. In the early days, Youtube was a platform where you can find anything and everything, and it still is. However, at the same time Twitch was mostly a gaming-based platform where content creators can live-stream themselves playing different types of games.
Youtube has become more gaming content oriented over the years and has even developed a “gaming” branch of it’s own. It has a nice layout but it’s all too familiar to Twitch in my opinion.
When making content on Youtube, creators have to be careful because certain companies will place a copyright strike/claim against you for streaming their games or publishing content with their games in them. Think of Nintendo, Capcom, and Square Enix just to name a few.

copyright claim pic1
Square Enix copyright claims

copyright claim pic2
Various copyright claims from other game companies

However, Twitch allows creators to live-stream games with no penalties or actions taken against them. While one may think Youtube is more popular than Twitch(it’s been around longer and everyone and their mom has the Youtube app), Twitch is actually beating out Youtube as the place to go for creators to live-stream their content. Feel free to check out the stats  made by streamlabs
While both platforms have their issues, it seems that the problems with Youtube are more apparent. There have been many cases where Youtube has played favorites for channels that have an extremely large viewership and reprimanded those that didn’t, and still don’t. This clearly plays into the saying “money talks”, and while this may be true, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the creators. Which is why many switch over to Twitch because there’s more freedom.
Youtube did address these issues by stating “You can absolutely create videos that promote or link to Twitch”. However, they continued to say “However, as stated in our Community Guidelines, if the main/sole purpose of the content is to drive people off YouTube and onto another site, it will likely violate our spam policies. Example could be no audio/video/other info, just a link to another site.” according to an interview with polygon.
I’ve watched some of these creators videos multiple times, and it never seemed as though promoting your own channel on Twitch was a huge problem.  Even though these policies may not have been violated according to Youtube, some channels have been terminated anyway. This is like me telling you “go ahead and take a cookie from the jar” and then lopping your hand off when you actually do take it. This issue has been resolved since these channels have a huge following and decided to complain, but if it happens to smaller content creators no one knows what may happen.

Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Let's Go! Eevee Tree-house Demo From Nintendo

2v1 battle system, Pokeball controller, trading and so much more…

What’s up everyone?! Sorry for the drought, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. Basically trying to live stream most of E3 and taking notes of things that’s worth sharing with you guys. I decided to share with you some quick facts about Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee with you and potentially answer any questions you may have. This isn’t going to be in my usual format but instead some quick notes with some pics to go along with it to give you a better idea of whats going on.

Let’s Go! 

….sorry but I couldn’t resist!
pkmn wild catch

pkmn share exp catch
Catching Pokemon is the same as Pokemon Go! Once a Pokemon is caught, all Pokemon in your party share the exp to level up.

Battling is the same as the main core series.  Your party also shares the exp when you win. This functionality hasn’t changed in this iteration of the game, so the battle menu with the move-sets, items, and run options will still be there.
pkbll controller
You can use a single joy con or the Pokeball controller. There are different ways to throw the pokeball-which can affect the success of your capture. For example: underhand, overhead, side to side, curved angle, etc.

In hand-held mode, you would have to hold a button and release it in combination
with the switch’s GYRO controls.
pkbll underhand throw
In this scenario, the player used an underhand throw

pkbll sideways throw
In this scenario, the player moved the joy con from side to side throw

Shaking the second joy con allows for co-op play. When your player 2 is on the screen, he/she will also have their Pokemon walk about freely, as well as have Eevee/Pikachu out with them as well.

When catching Pokemon with 2 players, chances of success do not increase. Both pokeballs merge making one ball. In order to catch the Pokemon successfully both players need to be in sync when doing the throwing motions.

When battling the NPC in co-op mode, the NPC is at a handicap.  This is especially good
if you’re battling a tough NPC. Player 2 doesn’t gain any exp from winning a battle.
riding pkmn
You can only ride the larger Pokemon. For example: Onyx(confirmed), Charizard (maybe), Dragonite (maybe), Arcanine(maybe), Lapras(confirmed). Pokemon are scaled to size to reflect their stats such as their height and their weight. So any Pokemon that’s close to or equal in height of the trainer don’t qualify to ride on…that’s just cruel. Player 2 can’t ride Pokemon.
pkmn rival
Enter a capYour Rival isn’t Your Rival!!
The “Rival” NPC is there to help you along
your journey rather than to challenge you.

This is sort of remeniscent of Hau from Sun & Moon. He’s super friendly and gives you advice and even items to help you along your journey. It wasn’t shown whether you battle your in-game rival or not, but this pretty much eludes to not being able to do so.
pkmn center
Pokemon center

When healing your Pokemon, your Pikachu/Eevee jumps off of you
and onto the counter.  The Pokemon that follows you pops back into
the pokeball.
pkmn events 2
You can now interact with some of the citizens in each town/ throughout the world. Seems as if each completed event rewards you with something.

pkmn gym 1
Before you can challenge a gym leader, you have to be qualified by the “gatekeeper”. This person checks your team to see if you have a certain pokemon typing in order to beat the
gym leader and the gym trainers. This is more “hand-holding” that fans didn’t like from Sun & Moon. It’s meant for the casual gamers and to introduce new players to the series, so it’s fine. I don’t see this as a problem for THIS GAME but we better not see this in Gen 9 that was announced for the second half of 2019.
pkmn trade code
When trading locally you would have to pick a 3-Square pokemon pattern and tell whomever you’re trading with what the picture code is. Example: Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee. Once they put in the code then you are free to trade. They didn’t show an example of trading online, so I imagine the picture code wouldn’t be needed and it would be similar to the Wonder Trade or when you trade with your friends over the internet(you’d need them on your friends list).

When sending Pokemon from Pokemon Go!  to Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee they appear in something called Go Park. This replaces the Safari Zone from original
games. You can send any of the 151 Pokemon to GO Park AND their Alolan forms.
Once in the park, you’d have to catch them all over again in order for that Pokemon to join your team. If you catch a high level Pokemon in GO! it’ll be a higher level in Let’s Go! once you catch it. Pokemon trades aren’t limited to just your Pokemon Go! account, you can receive Pokemon from other people! Whoever traded from Go! receives candies for their Pokemon sent to their Pokemon Go! account. There are different candies to increase
various stats, which makes things a bit more interesting in terms of raising them.
If you want to watch the Tree-House presentation, feel free to watch the video below, and let me know what you guys think of this. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more video game updates!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzh99yoNOXI?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Would A Playstation Classic Mini Be A Boom Or Bust?

Right about now everyone is up to date with the latest Sony news. Speculation has been a bit on the heavy side from fans as to whether or not Sony is going to release a Playstation Mini. Nintendo has been on fire with their SNES Classic Mini, a re-release of the NES Classic Mini coming back out in June, and apparently a new patent from Nintendo for an N64 Mini (more on this later). Sega announced they’re working on their own Sega Megadrive Mini, which no one knows anymore if this is being made in-house or if ATGames is making it. With all of the success and hype of these classic systems being released, you’d think Sony is sure to follow-up right behind them with their own…right?

MAYBE! According to an interview on a Japanese website called Mantan Web and translated by the most lovely Google, Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) President Takeshi Kodera decided to speak on it, but at the same time not speak on it. The direct quote is below:

“There is nothing we can talk about at the moment. We are constantly digging up past assets and I think there are various ways of doing. There are various ways of talking about what kind of way (inside the company) It is made to have inclusion “.

A lot of people are taking this as Sony already has this in the works. It’s a nice thought, but do you think this would work? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony but this would just be pointless. Let’s say Nintendo does launch their N64 Mini, and Sony releases their Playstation Mini within the same year, the competition is going to be rough. I personally feel like that market has already been cornered by Nintendo and Sega.
The Neo Geo Mini is being released by SNK but I don’t see that selling anywhere near as much as it’s competitors. Sony already has the backwards compatibility with their PS3 and PS4 digitally. If they were to implement that into their next system and just keep expanding their library it would be another selling point for us gamers that want those old games without having to plug up our old systems or even try buying another one for whatever reason. As of right now, the only games that can be played on the PS4 are the old PS2 games that are on the Playstation Network(PSN). If they can make all of the PS1 & PS2 games playable on their next system, then we’re set. I mean…they can even release an update for those of us that have the PS4 and let us enjoy the last 3 years of its life.
What do you guys think? Would you buy a PS Mini if Sony released one? What games would you want on there? Let me know!

Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Let's Go! Eevee Official Nintendo Switch Titles CONFIRMED

What will we get with the new Pokemon Switch titles?

What’s up fellow gamers?! Today I want to talk about the buzz going around lately regarding Pokemon. It has been confirmed by today that Nintendo has officially registered Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee domain names online. Apparently the same tech contact that registered the domain for Pokemon Sun & Moon in the past has registered these new domain names. I’m not one to REALLY entertain rumors but as we get closer to e3 it seems like more credible information is being leaked, which actually coincide with previous leaks that surfaced a few months ago.
Below is a snapshot of what features we’re going to get in Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Eevee titles for the Nintendo Switch and the title artwork:

There’s a few things that I’d like to cover with you all. First and foremost, the snapshot of features to come is still technically a rumor. None of this has been confirmed by Nintendo yet, but some of what’s in the photo gives credibility to some of the past leaks. Let’s tackle (Ha! – see what I did there?) some of these points one by one so we can get a clear understanding of what remains a rumor and what is most likely to happen:

  • Yellow remakes for Switch – It’s highly speculated that the new games are remakes of Pokemon Yellow, but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. It’s highly possible since doing remakes is the trend for Pokemon.
  • Two versions, Pikachu and Eevee – We can confirm this because of the domain names. Also one of the pictures of a trainer riding a Lapras was with an Eevee on the trainer’s head would indicate this is true.On top of that, the official japanese twitter account for Pokemon has been tweeting pics of Lapras, Pikachu and Eevee multiple times. Their timeline is basically flooded with them, so I feel pretty sure these will be the titles of the new game. Check out the timeline and  check out the previous leak!
  • Following Pokemon return, HMs still replaced by Pokeride – see the above point.
  • Red & Blue play a role in the story, you and your rival are new trainers – this part is still a rumor. This one doesn’t particularly make sense because if this is a remake of Pokemon Yellow, then Red wouldn’t appear. The only one that would actually appear would be Blue because he’s your rival. If they were to go by the manga stories then Yellow is the trainer  you’d play as, and you’d team up with Blue to save Red( you’d really have to follow the manga to get the story). To me, that’s the only way those key characters can play a role in the new story. Other than that it would have to be a sequel of sorts. This point ties into the rumor of the new Pokemon Switch game being a remake.
  • Online hub for players – this point is a no brainer because a lot of the Pokemon games have had online functionality in the past that enable players to battle and trade.
  • Catching Pokemon, Pokemon Go! integration, Rewards for linking both games – This point has some credibility, because Game Freak, Inc. has confirmed they were looking into ways to incorporate Pokemon Go! with their new title according to Kotaku. Now I can see this working in some way because of how the Nintendo Switch is set up, and also because of the fact that Pokemon Go! has been a wildly successful. Total number of downloads  was 100 million (by August, 2017, Google Play market only) and their total revenue was $268 million (by August, 2017)*check out more of these stats here
  • New announcement soon  – we’re waiting on this one to confirm all of these rumors so keep your eyes peeled!

Pokemon Go_Nintendo and Niantic1_1200x500
All of this sounds very exciting but I’m still taking this with a grain of salt. We have the rumor about the two games being blended into each other, but what does that mean in terms of gameplay and mechanics? We know the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system, so I would imagine if we wanted to play it docked, motion controls can be incorporated into the game somehow. Picture it: you’re out in Veridian City and you want to catch a Pokemon, after weakening it you can use the motion controls to throw the pokeball to catch whatever Pokemon you ran into. Having trouble imagining it? Think of how  you can play ARMS, except you’re throwing a pokeball instead of punches. If the system is in mobile mode, all you’d have to do is move the switch up in a way that can resemble throwing a pokeball (without actually throwing your system).
Going back to my blog post about the April Fool’s leak, the picture with Lapras raises quite a few questions for me. You can see from the picture that there are Pokemon in the sea that you can avoid, just like in Pokemon Go! How would this affect shiny hunting? If this snapshot is real, then the level grind that we all know and hate ( let’s be real with ourselves here, no one likes running around in tall grass all day) will be a thing of the past. How will this affect trainers that want to EV/IV train their Pokemon and catch other Pokemon with great EV/IV spreads?
pokemon leak
I doubt it’s this will happen but if Game Freak, Inc. decides to make Pokemon an open-world styled game then they have me sold already. I mean I was sold to begin with because I love Pokemon, but this would just be out of the world! They can turn Pokemon around into an even better RPG by doing this, and giving us side quests. Let’s face it, the games so far haven’t been all that great after you beat it. Whatever other options you have for a side quest(if any) are rather small and forgettable in my opinion.
If they were to do something like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild where you can go to different towns and do different missions to help people or Pokemon, be open-world, and run into random trainers instead of doing a once in a lifetime battle with them, than that would be great. Maybe even do rematches where that trainer becomes stronger, this can go in so many different directions! I don’t want to get my hopes up about what this game will be, so like everyone else, I’d have to wait to see what’s coming.

Lais & starter squad
My Pokemon at New York Comic-con

Cloud Saves, Nintendo Virtual Console, and Nintendo Online Support… Did Nintendo Hit Us With a Bob-omb?

A few key updates for the Nintendo Switch Console that you might’ve missed…

nintendo VC
How many of you thought Nintendo wasn’t going to give us Virtual Console? I’d like to say a good 90% of you non-believers said this over the last few months. Guess what? Despite all of the retro games available on the e-shop, the classic games coming out from Sega and Capcom that will give us a lot of the games we grew up playing, it seems like Nintendo is giving us what we all wanted from the beginning. We’re going to get 20 playable classic games that were on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and it’s going to have multiplayer functionality! Nintendo was nice enough to give us a quick list of games that’ll be available from the start.
nintendo vc2
Here’s another lovely update from the troll-masters at Nintendo. We’re getting cloud saves! I’m not sure exactly when this is going to kick in, but as per Nintendo we’ll be getting this some time before the online service is active. They didn’t really give much details either so we’ll most likely have to wait until E3 for their full update and details on the services provided to us. This is amazing for people that have logged an insane amount of hours in their games and won’t have to worry about losing their data. If I’m correct in my assumption, it’ll also allow us to free up memory on our cards and even on the on-board memory within the system to make room for new games to download and play.
nintendo news
The only thing that is still troubling me is their stupid smartphone app. From what I can see on their website, Nintendo insists on using this app as their main source for online chat functionality. They took a step in the right direction with NES Online by allowing players to share the same screen and even having the option to hand over the controller virtually to another player, but why can’t they just be like XBOX & PLAYSTATION and have a separate function for the chat? The fans clearly didn’t like this feature and almost everyone resorted to using discord whenever they play online with their Switch. They’ve added to the list of games that’ll use their smartphone app and honestly I’m not happy about it. I’m excited for this tid-bit of news and even though I’m happy we’re getting these features I feel like they can still be better. Check out their website and info here and let me know what you guys think!

Kratos and The New God of War Impressions

A reinvention of God of War and Kratos’ new story

This rendition of God of War is much different from the previous versions, and one clear and key factor is the pace of the game. God of War, one of Sony’s and Santa Monica Studios’ prized IP’s, has been re-established and even reinvented for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hack-n-slash, button mashing game just as much as the next guy. I enjoyed GoW 1-3 but I had to skip the psp titles(never owned a psp when I was younger). Although the series was exciting, fun and challenging, I was highly upset at the challenge modes from GoW 3 and how ridiculously hard they were. Some of them seemed like mission impossible, even though I beat them and earned my platinum trophy I felt my passion for the series has dwindled because of it.
As a result of this I had cast the GoW series aside and moved on. I started to become more infatuated with games that involved more strategy and story while at the same time including more action. There were games that were more fun to me, games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, the entire Uncharted series, Call of Duty: Zombies, and the game that lit the world on fire; The Last Of Us. Fast forward to when GoW was announced for the PS4 – people were excited! Kratos has a new rugged look, and he’s missing his infamous chain blades. He’s no longer in Greece and the cherry on top is that he has a son now! Just what in Zeus’ name is going on? Not much was revealed to us – and for good reason. We later found out Kratos has landed himself in the middle of Norse mythology.
God of War_20180423210109
Does this mean he’s going to go toe to toe with the All-Father, Odin himself? Is he going to use Mjolnir against Thor? Is Kratos going to bring more chaos and destruction to all 9 realms? Will Frigg, the Norse goddess of the sky end up guiding Kratos like Athena guided him in the previous games? I have so many questions!! One thing I noticed when I first started playing is that this game doesn’t have any cut scenes. Everything seems to be in-game. How did I come to this conclusion? In the very beginning you have to play as Kratos and cut down a massive tree. It’s an interactive scene where you have to follow the button prompts.
As I progressed through the woods I made sure to pay attention to the father-son time, and their dialogue. The son seems to be a nice kid, sort of care free and sometimes inquisitive. However, I felt some resentment from him towards his father, Kratos. As the game went on I found out that Kratos’ wife(Atreus’ mom) had passed away. Even though they were raising a son they had isolated themselves from the rest of civilization in preparation for something – something I will soon discover as I continue on this journey.

God of War_20180423215421
Kratos and Atreus at the mom/wife’s burial ceremony

I’ll go into the story in another post when I do my full review, but let us sway our attention to the game play. This game is worlds apart from its predecessors and I for one love it! Santa Monica has implemented an “upgrade” system for Kratos and his son Atreus. This works by gaining experience points(EXP) to upgrade and purchase combat abilities, and upgrade the armor. You can even purchase armor and items that increase your stats from the dwarf brothers that made your new weapon called The Leviathan Axe. The style of gameplay and even the game itself is heavily influenced by developers, Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us and Capcom’s Resident Evil 4. These influences come from both the style of game play and the narrative of the game. *Find the interview discussing this here*

The developers did make sure to keep the gruesomeness that we all know and love, and of course expect from this series. The upgrades to your abilities definitely help with this since there are moves that act as heavy finishers to a combo or move set, if you’re creative and skilled enough to pull these off. Some of the on-screen prompts kick in when you stun the enemy and do enough damage. The sequences are pretty amazing and the feeling of achievement of ripping some unfortunate soul’s head clean off with your axe is very satisfying. The landscaping and scenery definitely makes this game look beautiful, clean, and very well polished. From the trees to the mountainsides and even the different bodies of water you come across, it just makes you want to take a moment to simply enjoy the view and take everything in.

I’m going to end this here, simply because I feel I can go on and on about this game from the deep story it entails to the mechanics and game play. I’ll save it for the full review, but I must say this: this game is like no other in the franchise. This game will give you all types of feelings, from sadness to anger, achievement to simply being left in awe. I for one, am really glad to have gotten this game and for anyone reading this, I highly recommend this.

Sega Fan Meet-up Announcements Brings Shenmue Remastered and Sega Megadrive Mini!

With no subtitles, fans got the gist of it

I was able to catch the live stream Sega held via Twitch this evening called Sega Fan Meet-up 2018 (it happened on 4/13/2018 around 10pm) and boy was I surprised. Like the sub-header says, there weren’t any subtitles to go along with the announcements! You would figure they’d have something since Sega-Europe actually tweeted this out in english for those to see who aren’t japanese. Nevertheless, it was a good experience to watch. It seemed like a more intimate setting as the venue wasn’t that grand.
From what I was able to catch and understand (thank god I watch anime) Sega is releasing a collection of games for the Nintendo Switch titled Sega Ages. I’m not exactly sure what games will be on there, since I’m not fond of all of Sega’s games but it looks to me like it’ll span over the age of Sega…I mean it is the name of the collection. Maybe this is what Sega was holding out for when they didn’t announce the other sega collection to be released on the Switch?
From what I can see, they had some of the classics such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV, and Phantasy Star. I thought I heard the woman mention SegaCD and I saw a clip of Panzer Dragoon which was on the Sega Saturn being shown so I can only assume that’s going to be in the Sega Ages collection as well. Again, bare with me on this because I’m working off of context clues and whatever phrases I may recognize. There were no subtitles to go along with the presentation!!
The next big thing that was announced was something that other companies tried to replicate but just couldn’t do it right. The one and only Sega Megadrive Mini!! I can’t lie to you and say I’m not excited about this game, when in fact I’m overly excited. I had planned on buying another system some time in the future and thought about trying to get all the games I used to have(I might do this anyway). Since someone was able to hack the SuperNES Mini I figure the same can happen for the Sega Megadrive Mini and I can put a ton of games on there. We’ll have to wait for an exact release date and so far I haven’t seen it on Sega’s official twitter page. This is scheduled for a 2018 release, but I’ll keep you guys posted on this one!
Last but not least is Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Shenmue series, so this may be a game I’ll have to check out later on. The presentation only announced it for the PS4 but Sega-Europe’s twitter page did say it will be released on Playstation, Xbox and PC. Something that strikes me as weird is why wasn’t this announced for the Switch as well? Did Switch owners already get enough with the Sega Ages Collection?
If you’d like to watch the stream for yourself, here ya go bud. Don’t say I didn’t look out for you! I wonder if Sega is going to do something a bit bigger in the future and announce a few more games. Hopefully they can bounce back and give us another Sonic Adventure title on all platforms. A guy can dream…can’t I?