Keymailer posts listing of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Nintendo Switch

Image result for crash bandicootBy now the majority of gamers had gotten the news that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy had a shot at coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news of this had spread like wild fire all throughout the blogs and social media. Everyone almost lost their minds! Imagine this: Crash Bandicoot on the switch, and going anywhere the gamer wants to go! No remote play from a laptop or a mobile device, and not on a psp(only possible once downloaded the port of the original from the psn). We’re talking three remastered HD remakes of our classic lovable mascot with some DLC that could also be included in the game. This wouldn’t be the first time our guy Crash would be on a Nintendo system but to have the franchise as a full fledged game and not a port or some featured character on a different title would’ve been exciting for most fans.

This would also give potential to mash ups and crossovers, like what happened with Solid Snake(Metal Gear Solid) and Sonic The Hedgehog appearing in Super Smash Bros. Nintendo fans everywhere would’ve jumped for joy, especially since it would’ve meant Sony losing one of their exclusive titles to Nintendo. All of this had come from a photo leak from Keymailer connects YouTubers and Twitch / Mixer game publishers so that you can get access to game keys quickly and easily(Description is directly from their website).



Co-founder of Keymailer Mark ‘Turpster’ Turpin has posted earlier today on  this was a mistake and that even he found out about last minute. I’ll say it here first people, I’m a Sony fan but I’m also not biased towards them. I have my gripes with them just as I do with any other gaming company. It would’ve honestly broken my heart to see the Crash Bandicoot franchise leave Sony and join Nintendo. As fun as it would have been to have Crash on the Switch, to me, there’s nothing like playing those games on a Sony Playstation.  Check the link below to Turpster’s reddit post. I have to say I am one happy gamer, sorry Nintendo. At least you still have Super Mario.


Turpster’s Reddit post

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