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The 20 verbs in this chapter describe actions that are powerful or invoke vivid images. 501 Vocabulary Questions Word List abrogate ( ab·ro˘· ayt) v. to abolish, do away with, or annul by authority. It was unclear if the judge would abrogate the lower court’s ruling. beguile (bi· ¯l) v. to deceive or cheat through cunning; to distract the attention of, divert; to pass time in a pleasant manner, to amuse or charm. Violet was able to beguile the spy, causing him to miss his secret meeting. bolster ( bohl·ste˘r) v.

Choice c is the only choice that presents circumstances that would cause someone to be gloomy. 56. e. A bumptious person would most likely be talking condescendingly to others. 57. d. A churlish person would make ill-mannered and rude remarks. 58. a. A diffident person would be shy and would most likely be sitting alone in a corner. 59. b. A gregarious person would be seeking and enjoying the company of others, and would most likely be talking comfortably with a large group of people. 60. c. A pretentious person would be showy and would most likely be trying to impress others by telling them everything he or she knows about any given subject.

Immolate ( im·o˘·layt) v. 1. to kill, as a sacrifice. 2. to ruin by fire. 3. to destroy (one thing for another). In a desperate attempt to make a point about what she considered an inappropriate book, Sophia decided to immolate the book in public. interdict (in·te˘r· dikt) v. to prohibit, forbid. Carlos argued that the agriculture department should interdict plans to produce genetically modified foods. 36 501 Vocabulary Questions inveigle (in· vay· e˘l) v. to influence or persuade through gentle coaxing or flattery; to entice.

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