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The Carib language, also known as Galibi or precise Carib, is spoken via a few 7000 humans dwelling in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's e-book, initially a Leiden collage Ph.D. dissertation, incorporates a designated description of Carib grammar and the main huge stock of Carib lexemes and affixes up to now. the cloth is of curiosity to students within the fields of linguistic typology, comparative Cariban linguistics, Carib dialects, and to a person who's curious to understand extra in regards to the Carib language of South-America. Please stopover at the publisher's site ( for excerpts and errata.

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However, when there is evidence of a syl- A Carib grammar: Sounds | 45 | lable reduction, the grave accent is written (cf. wỳsa ‘I go’). Note that pronunciation details that are similar to the pronunciation of a coda plosive are not always based on a plosive coda phoneme: following a stressed open syllable, a plosive phoneme is preceded by a non-phonemic preglottalization in eastern Surinamese Carib (cf. sapato ‘shoe’), and Venezuelan Carib may show related phenomena (compare [h] and [Ɂ] in the pronunciation of siriko ‘star’, or the lengthened consonant in the Venezuelan version of wykai ‘I said’).

1 Syllables Carib phonemes occur in syllables the structure of which may be represented in the following formula: (C) V(V) (C) In this formula, V means vowel, C means consonant, and the parentheses indicate optionality. e. 5), the symbol /N/ represents the coda nasal (which may be an underspecification of /m/ or /n/), and the symbol /Q/ represents the coda plosive (which may be an underspecification of /p/, /t/ or /k/). Word medially, both the nasal and plosive coda phoneme may occur. Word finally, only the nasal coda phoneme occurs.

A Carib grammar: Sounds | 41 | vojkajooto [βohkaho:to] woxkaxpoto [wohkahpoto] wokapoto [wohkahpoɁto] wòkàpoto /i-ase-ka-Qpo-to/ ‘when ... 4 Word initial /i/ Except preceding /r/, an unstressed word initial /i/ is not pronounced as a word initial vowel, although its perseverance part is (cf. iromy ‘dry season’ and itamuru ‘his grandfather’). e. preceding a coda phoneme (/i/, /Q/ or /N/. When a stressed word initial /i/ occurs in a word having more than two syllables and is written without a following coda, uncertainty may arise as to its stress.

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