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The screw as used in the ordinary letter pre88 may cause enormous pressures by F====== the application of a very moderate force to the lever arm. In one complete revolution of the screw it advances the distance between consecutive threads measured parallel to the axis. This distance is called the pitch of the screw. FIG. 41. Flo. 42. The mechanical advantage of the screw may be determined by considering the thread as a 80rt of inclined plane wrapped around the axis, but we may deduce it more conveniently from the principle of work; for if the force P operating the screw acts at right angles to the end of a lever arm of length R, in one revolution of MECHANICS 52 the screw the force P acts through a distance 21rR, while the screw advances through a distance h equal to the pitch of the screw.

A mlln standing on a uniform beam, 16 ft. , at Il point 1 ft. lCS it to just balanee as it lies horizontally across a support 4 ft. from that end. What is the man's weight? 4.. At what point on a pole must a weight of 52 lba. be hung so that a boy at one end may carry ~ as much as the man at the other end, Ilnd how much does each carry? Neglcd the weight of the pole. 6. , where must a 5O-1b. weight be hung 90 that the man may carry twice as much weight as the boy? 6. Find the center of gravity of a uniform bar weighing 6 lba.

The table. therefore, presses a heavy weight upward with more force than it exerts on a small weight. The only limit of the power of the table to react is its strength. It is instructive to consider what happens when a weight heavy enough to crush the table is placed upon it. As it is lowered upon the table it presses more and more until the limit of the table's power of resistance is reached, when in breaking down it begins to move away from the weight at such a rate that the reaction which it exerts is at every instant exactly equal to the pressure to which it is subjected by the weight.

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