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Atcd in the eyes of the authori­ ties with the teachings of such men as GOschcl or Gabler, it could count on high official approval, if not from the King himself, who strongly favoured the almost feudaHy loyalist principles of the High Churchmen, then certainly from the members of his government, from influential ministers like Altcnsrein and Schultze, who controlled the educational system in his name and who had been close personal friends ofHegel. ln stein assured the King : 1835 A1ren­ 'In the Prussian state a solidly founded philosophical system has now put an end to arrogant and deplor­ able doings.

And above all, his regular presence, over three years, at the nightly meetings of 'die Freien' placed him in a unique vantage-point from which he could survey the territory under dispute and [he cultural gladiators embattled on it. The wine-parlour at Hippcl's was one of the citadels of Young Hegelianism, and the metropolis itself of the philosophy of 'sovereign criticism'. There Stimer could meet the Bauers, liberals like Buill, or humanists like Engels on a personal footing; he could listen to radicals like Ruge or Koppen, or poets of revolt like Gottschall,Jordan, Herwegh, and Hoffman von Fallersleben ; if Old Hegelians, speculative theists, orthodox Protestants, and wtramontane royalists were somewhat WIder-represented, at least their ideas must have been in frequent currency, if only as The Matrix ofthe Nihilist 37 objects of vilification and ridicule from the caustic tongues of 'the free men'.

In the light of these open professions, the whole of Der Ei"zige can be viewed as a sustained exercise in 'proprietary thinking', in the course of which its author first appropriated, then transformed, and finally discarded the con­ cepts and modes of argument in usc among the various philo­ sophical factions around him. He might requisition tile philo­ sophical resources of a feuerbach, a Bauer, or a Marx, but he was not bound to deploy them according to the same strategies or towards the same objectives.

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