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By Leon O Chua

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Quantity III maintains the author's quest for constructing a pedagogical, self-contained, but rigorous analytical concept of 1-D mobile automata through a nonlinear dynamics viewpoint. utilizing rigorously conceived and illuminating colour pics, the worldwide dynamical behaviors of the 50 (out of 256) neighborhood principles that experience no longer but been lined in Volumes I and II are uncovered through their stunningly revealing basin tree diagrams. The Bernoulli -shift dynamics chanced on in quantity II is generalized to carry for all 50 (or 18 globally similar) neighborhood principles through advanced and hyper Bernoulli wave dynamics. specific worldwide nation transition formulation derived for ideas 60, ninety, a hundred and five, and a hundred and fifty demonstrate a brand new scale-free phenomenon. the main outstanding new end result unveiled during this quantity is the Isle of Eden chanced on hidden in such a lot (almost 90%) of the 256 neighborhood principles. Readers are challenged to seek for long-period, remoted Isles of Eden. those are infrequent gemstones ready to be stumbled on.

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2006]. The remaining 18 rules listed in Table 3 that have not yet been characterized are listed in Table 11, dubbed complex Bernoulli-shift rules, and Table 12, dubbed hyper Bernoulli-shift rules. It will be clear from the sequel that all of these 18 yet uncharacterized rules are also identified with Bernoulli shifts because they behave like Bernoulli στ -shifts from Table 9 except that the number of attractors is no longer bounded by 3, but increases Table 7. List of 25 robust Period-1 local rules.

Moreover, such rare objects cannot exist in Rn in view of the Zubov– Ura–Kimura Theorem [Garay & Hofbauer, 2003], which implies that “no compact isolated invariant sets in Rn can be an isle of Eden”. , 2006]. It’s time to give a formal definition. Definition 4. Isle of Eden. A bit string x = (x0 x1 x2 ··· xL−1 ) is said to be a period-n isle of Eden of a local rule N iff its preimage under χnN is itself, where χnN is the time-n characteristic function of N . More precisely, x is a period-n isle of Eden of a local rule N iff (x) = x χ−n N (13) Proposition 1.

List of 25 robust Period-1 local rules. 25 Topologically-Distinct Period-1 Rules 0 4 8 12 13 32 36 40 44 72 76 77 78 104 128 132 136 140 160 164 168 172 200 204 232 May 6, 2009 10:6 ch01 Chapter 1: Isles of Eden Table 8. List of 13 robust Period-2 local rules. , 2006]. Table 13 gives a composition of the asymptotic behaviors of all 88 dynamically-independent local rules listed in Table 3. In this paper (Part VII) only the ten complex Bernoulli-shift rules from Table 11 will be studied. The remaining eight Hyper Bernoulli-shift rules from Table 12 will be studied in Part VIII.

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