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Quantity IV keeps the author's odyssey on l-D mobile automata as chronicled in Volumes I, II and III, by means of uncovering a singular quasi-ergodicity phenomenon concerning orbits meandering between omega-limit orbits of advanced (group five) and hyper (group 6) Bernoulli ideas. This discovery is decorated with analytical formulation characterizing the fractal homes of attribute services, in addition to specific formulation for producing colourful and pedagogically revealing isomorphic basin tree diagrams. Many new effects have been derived and proved via uncovering refined symmetries endowed through a number of subsets of the 256 Boolean cubes. For the 1st time, rigorous analyses have been used to spot sixty seven, out off 256 , neighborhood principles whose asymptotic behaviors include powerful period-l orbits. The spotlight of this carrying on with odyssey is the invention of an remoted period-3240 Isle of Eden hidden one of the dense omega-limit orbits of Wolfram's notable "random quantity producing" rule 30. this is often the most important gem identified to-date and readers are challenged to discover even better ones.

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IIP): R-Permutive ••• ... ••• ... w~~~ ... --"'--e. IIIJ: B-Permutive 1m: R-Permutive 1m: R-Permutive 1m: B-Permutive .. ~~,- ... ~.... ••• ~---t..... • ••• : R-Permutive . - . +--+-4..... ••• ... ••• ... • •rlt-+---H ... ~t-- ••• ... ••• ... 1m: L-Permutive Bm: L-Permutive ... ... . : L-Permutive • •• • •• II"t-+---1~. DDJ: ... --~. L-Permutive 43 44 4 6 4 6 5 16 0 7 1 4 6 5 7 5 7 32 0 2 3 0 2 4 6 2 5 1 2 1 0 7 3 1 3 1 3 4 6 4 6 5 7 5 7 64 0 2 4 0 2 Eight Boolean cube basis functions.

We stress that the above qualitative behaviors do not depend on the length L of the bit strings, and do not depend on the initial configurations, D 4 D 29 even though there may exist several Bernoulli attractors with different σ and τ , each with its basin of attraction. Group 5 and Group 6 Rules The space-time patterns typically have very long transients and converge to a period-T attractor with a very large period T . Moreover, the asymptotic behavior depends not only on the initial configuration, but also on the length L of the bit string.

9. Orbit of a period-3240 (with σ = 1, τ = 480) Isle of Eden of 30 with L = 27. The number inscribed inside each “capsule” is the decimal representation of a 27-bit string. ""I!! v [I'IMI,OI/,- >--i rH,YMJf! }o-{,WIV'f>. nv~'Jt -- -- ,rffl(M06, (S''''''U,! lIN,I/(,f),) t'JIMr;fI/ r;:(1,-'),-6\ Ilf,ilSi:V /)/)WY/()i:! 'MM LLlrM ~''''\,IK! \"~,CBI I~"tln'\ MlI,Ylfi_ _:IIX9c fJ! l11/J1 1I,\'~YVIr> !! fH,-rl{ U,'fVIOU()! \'I/(HJ! :. r',_)-+{"rM'I~ -1~"AlJ1r" (:::::~:;:J~ h'-f()~'1!

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