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E. total blackness blacklist / bl klst/ noun a list of people from whom e-mails are not welcome on a particular account black out / bl k aυt/ verb 1. to exclude all light from an area 2. to stop news or information about a particular subject being made public 3. to lose radio contact, for example with a vessel or aircraft 4. to be unable to broadcast radio or television programmes, usually because of a strike í noun a period during which no news stories may be reported, imposed by a government or other organisation black wrap / bl k r p/ noun black, reflective heat-resistant foil used to black out or direct light blanket / bl ŋkt/ noun PRINTING a rubber or plastic sheet around the cylinder of a printing press, which transfers images in ink to the surface being printed on blanket coverage / bl ŋkt k v(ə)rd / noun advertising to the general public with no particular target audience in mind ‘More and more companies in the North-East are recognising the value of sending their message via taxis.

Maradona, 44, is reemerging as the hottest ad pitchman in Argentina. ’ [Charles Newbery, Advertising Age] boy band boy band / bɔ b nd/ noun a young, all-male pop group that uses backing tracks to accompany their singing and dancing ‘They were the biggest-selling boy band since the Beatles – five likely lads who churned out a seemingly endless stream of hits, while pushing all the right buttons for a generation of young females’ [Nicola Methvyn, The Mirror] B picture B picture / bi pktʃə/ noun 1.

To transmit information or a television or radio programme Broadcast Development Ltd Broadcast Development / brɔ dkɑ st d veləpmənt noun full form of BDL | Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board Broadcasters’ Research Board Ltd lmtd/ Broadcasting Data Services Broadcasting Data Services / brɔ dkɑ stŋ detə s vsz/ noun a company that supplies television schedule information to listings programmes and magazines. Abbreviation BDS broadcasting media / brɔ dkɑ stŋ mi diə/ plural noun media such as radio or television broadcasting media Broadcasting Standards Commission Broadcasting Commission Standards / brɔ dkɑ stŋ st ndənz kə mʃ(ə)n/ noun the body Audience | / brɔ dkɑ stəz ɔ diəns r s tʃ bɔ d/ noun a body that provides official viewing figures for broadcasters, based on a panel of approximately 5,000 homes in the UK.

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