Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture by Dennis J. Stanford PDF

By Dennis J. Stanford

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Who have been the 1st people to inhabit North the USA? in response to the now general tale, mammal hunters entered the continent a few 12,000 years in the past through a land bridge that spanned the Bering Sea. exact stone instruments belonging to the Clovis tradition proven the presence of those early New global humans. yet are the Clovis instruments Asian in starting place? Drawing from unique archaeological research, paleoclimatic study, and genetic reports, famous archaeologists Dennis J. Stanford and Bruce A. Bradley problem the outdated narrative and, within the strategy, counter traditional—and frequently subjective—approaches to archaeological checking out for ancient relatedness. The authors observe rigorous scholarship to a speculation that areas the technological antecedents of Clovis in Europe and posits that the 1st american citizens crossed the Atlantic by way of boat and arrived just before formerly suggestion. offering archaeological and oceanographic facts to aid this statement, the booklet dismantles the previous paradigm whereas persuasively linking Clovis expertise with the tradition of the Solutrean those who occupied France and Spain greater than 20,000 years ago.

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Stratigraphy is the sequence of natural or artificial layers of deposits; in most cases the lowest is oldest, and they become younger toward the surface. These layers represent different depositional events and may tell us how and when they were deposited. Larger, more robust points and mammoth bones were emerging from a deposit situated below the soil that encased the bones of bison killed by Folsom hunters. If there was any doubt, the advent of radiocarbon dating (a method that uses the naturally occurring radioisotope carbon-14 to estimate the age of organic materials) in the 1950s confirmed that Folsom was, indeed, younger than this deeper material.

This bridge, the unglaciated portions of Alaska, and far eastern Siberia are known today as Beringia. 8 To complete the logic of this hypothesis, Johnston noted that the glaciers that covered much of North America and Europe began to melt at the end of the last ice age. In particular, he suggested that as the two interconnected glaciers of North America—the Laurentian and the Cordilleran—melted, they left an ice-free corridor that early humans, who had already crossed the land bridge, could use to travel from the Arctic southward into the rest of the Americas.

Thoughts of the ice-free corridor soon took a backseat as new Clovis mammoth kill sites were found in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma, drawing archaeological attention away from the Arctic to lower North America. 10 As one might imagine, this was major news, and archaeologists were excited about the discovery. Especially noteworthy was the fact that the point was made somewhat differently from Clovis points, and so it might be an earlier or ancestral variety. This find refocused scholarly attention on the North Country and to thoughts about Siberian connections.

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