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Account = { name: "Betty Skate", address: "123 Main Street", city: "Blossomville", state: "California", zip: "12345", balance: "1000" }; The following example shows how array and object initializers can be nested within each other. person = { name: "Gina Vechio", children: [ "Ruby", "Chickie", "Puppa"] }; The following example uses the information in the previous example and produces the same result using constructor functions. children[2] = ’Puppa’; See also [] (array access), new, 60 Object (object) | (bitwise OR) Availability Flash Player 5.

If the expression on the left converts to true, that result is returned without converting the expression on the right. function fx1(){ trace ("fx1 called"); returns true; } function fx2(){ trace ("fx2 called"); return true; } if (fx1() || fx2()){ trace ("IF statement entered"); } // The following is sent to the Output window: // fx1 called // IF statement entered |= (bitwise OR assignment) Availability Flash Player 5. Usage expression1 |= expression2 Parameters expression1,expression2 A number or variable.

Usage expression1 /= expression2 Parameters expression1,expression2 A number or a variable that evaluates to a number. Returns Nothing. Description Operator (arithmetic compound assignment); assigns expression1 the value of expression1 / expression2. For example, the following two statements are the same: x /= y x = x / y Example The following code illustrates using the /= operator with variables and numbers. x = 10; y = 2; x /= y; // x now contains the value 5 [] (array access) Availability Flash Player 4.

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