Hans H. Ørberg's Aeneis: Latin-English Vocabulary PDF

By Hans H. Ørberg

Latin-English Vocabulary for Ørberg’s variation of books I and IV of Vergil’s Aeneid. See that ebook for additional information.

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MENENIUS. % COMINIUS. --It is held That valour is the chiefest virtue, and Most dignifies the haver: if it be, The man I speak of cannot in the world Be singly counterpois'd. At sixteen years, When Tarquin made a head for Rome, he fought Beyond the mark of others; our then dictator, Whom with all praise I point at, saw him fight, When with his Amazonian chin he drove The bristled lips before him: he bestrid An o'erpress'd Roman and i' the consul's view Slew three opposers: Tarquin's self he met, And struck him on his knee: in that day's feats, When he might act the woman in the scene, He proved best man i' the field, and for his meed Was brow-bound with the oak.

On's brows: Menenius, he comes the third time home with the oaken garland. MENENIUS. Has he disciplined Aufidius soundly? VOLUMNIA. Titus Lartius writes,--they fought together, but Aufidius got off. MENENIUS. And 'twas time for him too, I'll warrant him that: an he had stayed by him, I would not have been so fidiused for all the chests in Corioli and the gold that's in them. Is the Senate possessed of this? VOLUMNIA. --Yes, yes, yes; the Senate has letters from the general, wherein he gives my son the whole name of the war: he hath in this action outdone his former deeds doubly.

Will the time serve to tell? I do not think. Where is the enemy? are you lords o' the field? If not, why cease you till you are so? COMINIUS. Marcius, We have at disadvantage fought, and did Retire, to win our purpose. MARCIUS. How lies their battle? know you on which side They have placed their men of trust? COMINIUS. As I guess, Marcius, Spanish battle: batalla, pelea. call: llamada, llamar, llaman, llamen, llamad, llamas, llamo, llamamos, llamáis, llame, llama. cat: gato, el gato. cease: cesar, parar, cese.

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