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Taking 1940 and 1956 as the respective starting points for automobiles and television sets, the total number of automobiles and television sets grew more than 200-fold. Still, with 26 and 31 million units, these are far from representing the total number of == Cartographic and Statistical Portrait Brazilian families. If income were better distributed, there would still be a large margin of progression. The economic trends of the twentieth century are treated by other authors in this volume. We limit ourselves here to tracing the profiles of some basic indicators: global and annual variations in GDP, and inflation.

65 on a scale of 0 to 1, included only Brasília and a few municipalities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. By 1991, that tier included a large portion of the country. 8. Expansion of the Highway Network (0-, ' (#'''bd GXm\[_`^_nXp LegXm\[_`^_nXp (00, Source: Quatro Rodas, Guia rodoviário 1995 (São Paulo: Editora Abril, 1995), on the occasion of Quatro Rodas magazine’s thirtieth anniversary. 9. ;@(00( '%-,kf'%/* '%,,kf'%-, '%+'kf'%,, '%)-kf'%+' ))%-' Source: United Nations Development Programme, 1995.

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