Download PDF by Adrian M. Harvey, Anne E. Mather, Martin R. Stokes: Alluvial fans: geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics

By Adrian M. Harvey, Anne E. Mather, Martin R. Stokes

ISBN-10: 1862391890

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Alluvial fanatics are very important sedimentary environments. They seize sediment brought from mountain resource components, and exert a tremendous keep an eye on at the supply of sediment to downstream environments, to axial drainages and to sedimentary basins. they keep a delicate checklist of environmental swap in the mountain resource components. Alluvial fan geomorphology and sedimentology replicate not just drainage basin measurement and geology, yet swap based on tectonic, climatic and base-level controls. one of many demanding situations dealing with alluvial fan examine is to solve how those gross controls are mirrored in alluvial fan dynamics and to use the result of reports of recent fan methods and Quaternary enthusiasts to the knowledge of sedimentary sequences within the rock checklist. This quantity contains papers in accordance with up to date examine, and makes a speciality of 3 topics: alluvial fan methods, dynamics of Quaternary alluvial lovers and fan sedimentary sequences. Linking the papers is an emphasis at the controls of fan geomorphology, sedimentology and dynamics. this offers a foundation for integration among geomorphological and sedimentological ways, and an knowing how fluvial platforms reply to tectonic, climatic and base-level changes.Also to be had: Submarine Slope structures - ISBN 1862391777 restrained Turbidite platforms - ISBN 1862391491 Deep-water Sedimentation within the Alpine Basie of SE France - ISBN 1862391483

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2 + 0 . 8 Beneath uppermost gravels SPA-23 TL Qfl c. 3 TL Qfl c. 7 Beneath uppermost gravels 1f, fine; m, medium; c, coarse. z TL dates from Pope et al. (2003). 3TL dates from Wilkinson & Pope (2003). 4 Sample collected from fill terrace within the trench immediately downfan of the distal fan margin. influence (Pope 1995). Although faulting is not observed on Qfl surfaces of these fans, rare faulting through debris flows exposed in the fanhead trenches has produced slight vertical offsetting and minor lateral distortion of gravels (cf.

Transverse drainage systems and piedmont fan systems within the Sparta Basin, southern Greece. The inset illustrates the location of the study area with respect to the rest of Greece. The study fans are: (1) South Parorion; (2); Kamares; (3) St Johns; (4) St Saviours; and (5) North Xilocambion. Other fan systems mentioned axe: (6) Mystras; and (7) North Menelaion. 1996). Tzedakis' (1999) climate model for southern Greece suggests a humid climate and a mixed vegetation throughout most of marine isotope stage (MIS) 5, punctuated by short-lived arid spells characterized by the growth of grasses and herbs (Artemisia and Amaranth) during parts of MIS 5d, 5a and all of 5b.

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