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By Steven Pressman (eds.)

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This is the disembedded economy: an autonomous sphere of human activity, self-motivating by greed or the threat of hunger and self-governing through a system of price-making markets. Adam Smith seized order from apparent chaos by insisting that an invisible hand was at work. For the market economy to exert such control over society, it is necessary that land, labor, and capital be organized through the supplydemand-price process. Traditional or political allocation of land or obligatory labor relationships cannot be predominant in the integration of the division of labor.

Bureaucracy grows. Max Weber (1946) was right. Over time bureaucracies seem to grow and expand their reach and influence. Rarely does this growth benefit the public interest. Oversight and accountability are thus crucial. 4. If it is not broke don't fix it. This is really an extension of the principle of minimal dislocation. It also extends the previous point regarding the growth of bureaucracy and the growth of the state in general. Put simply, it is not necessary for the pragmatic state to get involved in problem solving until the problem is identified as one that requires collective action.

But it is one thing for an industrialist to face higher or lower prices than he expects but quite another for the industrialists as a whole to face laborers or raw materials suppliers who produce their own subsistence and market only a surplus not related to their self-sufficiency. Without their direct production to meet their requirements, laborers must sell their labor power to someone and buy commodities to meet their needs from someone (Polanyi, 1968: 57). Land ownership, once land was marketable, became capitalized and raw materials supply became a production goods industry.

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