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By Professor Jean-Claude Gall (auth.)

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W. _+_~_~_+_+_ __ - - - - t - - -----------------------------+ + + + + + + + + + Virgulian pterocian Sequanian Rauracian ----------------- -++++++++ ----+++++++ ++++++ +++++ Kimmeridgian -----------------------4----- ++++++++ +++++++ i--+-++-+-+-+-+------------- ------- --------- ---- -- ----+++++++ ----+--------------------------------------------------- Oxfordian Argovian _ _ _- - - ' ______________________________________________________ . -_ __ Fig. 26. Distribution in space and time of coralline facies in the Upper Jurassic of the French Jura.

Apart from the classic example of the horns carried by the males of many ruminants, one can also show sexual dimorphism in brachiopods, bivalves, arthropods, echinoderms and vertebrates. It is particularly clear when the difference between the two sexes is shown by the genital apparatus (insects, eurypterids), the size of the genital opening (some echinoderms), or when there are pouches for inCUbating the young (ostracods). In molluscs, and especially in the ammonites, the co-existence in some outcrops of two varieties of the same species (formerly placed in different species) differing only in their size and some ornamentation of the adults, has been attributed to sexual dimorphism (Fig.

17. Section through a hardground in a Bathonian limestone 2. Soft Bottoms Mobile substrates, sands and muds, have few epibiontic organisms. The endofauna, however, is both abundant and varied. The burrows and gallery systems which traverse the sediment turn aside when they come into contact with hard objects, such as pebbles and shells. Thus, when later the sands and muds are indurated into rock, one can distinguish them from boring;. 22 Constraints on Living Conditions The distribution of burrowing forms is determined by the grain size of the sediments.

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