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Separate electrical connections must be made to each component in the assembly, as the resin film is a good electrical insulator. However, it is much sounder practice to anodize the components preparatory to resin bonding, as the bond strength is generally similar on anodized and unanodized material. 28 Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium and Its Alloys OTHER DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS The dangers that may arise from trapped electrolyte lead to a general recommendation to avoid designs that are liable to this defect.

For example, caustic etching and chemical polishing tanks are usually designed with heating panels or coils fitted along the vertical walls. The top flanges of tanks should be provided with a hardwood frame or a plastics coating in order to prevent direct metallic contact Anodizing Equipment 37 TABLE 6 MATERIALS FOR TANK CONSTRUCTION Solution Tank material Trichlorethylene Hot sulphuric acid cleaner Caustic soda Etches containing HF "Brytal" Phosphoric acid base polishing solutions electro- Phosphoric/sulphuric acid-based chemical polishing solutions Phosphoric acid/nitric-base chemical polishing solutions and rinses Sulphuric acid anodizing Chromic acid anodizing Oxalic acid anodizing Nitric acid (cold) Water rinses Aqueous sealing and fixing solutions Nickel and cobalt acetate Potassium permanganate Ferric ammonium oxalate Organic dyes Chrome/phosphoric stripping or desmutting Galvanized iron (special construction required) Chemical lead-lined steel Mild steel Plastics-lined mild steel or lead lining (in the absence of nitric acid) Mild steel.

Rivets and similar articles are very tightly packed in a perforated basket which can be plastics, aluminium or titanium, having a central aluminium tube (see Figure 6). This method involves a certain proportion of rejects, due chiefly to inadequate coating at the points where the articles touch one another or where the electrical contact is poor. 2% and 6% only. 5% rejects. Good electrolyte circulation through the tube is essential to avoid local overheating. Washers and other articles having flat surfaces cannot be processed in this way unless they can be mixed with irregularly shaped articles, but even then rejects occur.

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