Can Kingdom Hearts 3 Make It On Nintendo Switch?

It seems as though Square Enix is "heavily interested" in bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 over to the Nintendo Switch. It would make a lot of sense for them to do so, and to even bring over the previous games as well. Make another compilation for Nintendo Switch owners to...

What does Octopath Traveler’s Success Really Mean?

Hitting 1M units sold isn't easy... Hey guys! It's your buddy Chipz-N-Stix here with a brand new post, and a new video! I'll be trying my best to put out more of these for you guys to watch and enjoy, and hopefully you'll get something out of it like I did when...

Mother 3 May Arrive In Due Time On Nintendo Switch

The big question is when will it get here? I don't know why, but I just had the urge to talk about the Earthbound series aka Mother (as it's known in Japan). This franchise has a huge following, and I'm not sure one can call it a cult following anymore. Fans have been...

Is Youtube Scared of Live-streaming Competition?


Youtube deletes channels promoting Twitch streams Good ol' Youtube, everyone is on it nowadays...or so it seems. According to engadget, certain Youtube personalities have gotten terminated because they were promoting their Twitch channels on their Youtube accounts....

Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee Tree-house Demo From Nintendo

2v1 battle system, Pokeball controller, trading and so much more... What's up everyone?! Sorry for the drought, I've been busy with a lot of things lately. Basically trying to live stream most of E3 and taking notes of things that's worth sharing with you guys. I...
A Time to be Alive: New York City Comic-Con

A Time to be Alive: New York City Comic-Con

As a comic reader, gamer, and overall nerd-one thing that excites me every year is comic con here in NYC. It's a certain time of year when people congregate at the Javits Center and nerd out. There's everything and anything you can possibly think of. Aisles upon...

An Inside Look With An Amiibo Artist

An Inside Look With An Amiibo Artist

GandaKris (Krystyne) is a GameInformer featured Nintendo Ambassador who creates the most amazing custom Amiibos out there. Our interview with her includes a more in-depth look into her creative background, her love for Nintendo & some awesome tips for creatives alike.

Will The Nintendo Labo Fail At Launch?

Will The Nintendo Labo Fail At Launch?

Focus group makes developer cry after testing Nintendo Labo trainwreck I'm sure by now we all know about Nintendo's new and seemingly innovative product coming out next week. That's right ladies and gentlemen I'm talking about the Nintendo Labo, and just recently...

New Joy-Con With D-Pad Coming Your Way!

New Joy-Con With D-Pad Coming Your Way!

The developer for Bayonetta 3 tweeted this right before the Nintendo Direct. So here’s where the plot thickens – he made the “demand” for getting a new Joycon with a D-Pad…. and then  BOOM! Not even an entire month goes by and HORI announces on their website they’re releasing a new Left-side Joycon with a D-Pad for the Switch.

Would A Playstation Classic Mini Be A Boom Or Bust?

Right about now everyone is up to date with the latest Sony news. Speculation has been a bit on the heavy side from fans as to whether or not Sony is going to release a Playstation Mini. Nintendo has been on fire with their SNES Classic Mini, a re-release of the NES...

Super Mario Odyssey Review: Should You Buy It?

It wasn't Game Of The Year worthy, but it's good! What's up good people?! Chipz is back with another review and this time it's a good one. Long overdue, but nothing good comes quickly. Sometimes you have to take your time with things to see how you really feel about...

Kratos and The New God of War Impressions

A reinvention of God of War and Kratos' new story This rendition of God of War is much different from the previous versions, and one clear and key factor is the pace of the game. God of War, one of Sony's and Santa Monica Studios' prized IP's, has been re-established...

Has Sony Come Up With A Way To Combat Micro-transactions?

Trading trophies for games and content Hey gamers! Chipz here with some more news, this time it's about Sony's move to help us out with getting content! Some of you have already seen or heard by now how Sony plans on giving you points that are redeemable on your...

To Fool, Or Not To Fool? April 1st Pokemon Leak May Be Real!

Over the Easter weekend, specifically on April 1st 2018 an image surfaced on the net and its all about Pokemon.

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