Using Simon’s tools to your advantage

So you want to play with Simon or Richter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and you’re looking to do some research on how to be a better player with them. You most likely know all of the major tips already and that’s great, you should! But here’s a tip so subtle you probably didn’t it existed. A tip that can decide if you win or lose a match. I figured this tip out for myself while I was in training mode with Simon Belmont just messing around and seeing how I can really utilize his skill-set to my advantage. If you didn’t know, Simon and Richter are great edge guarders that don’t require being close to the edge of the stage. Most of their moves can be used a few feet away from the edge which enables them to cover the edge, the air, and also the middle ground. This is because both characters are basically long-range characters, which adds a variety to your play style. I’m no expert with Simon or Richter but using the tip below has helped me win quite a few matches, some of which were close calls. Watch the video below and see how you can use this tip in your arsenal as well, and don’t forget to keep practicing!