😡Game Stop: How A Perfectly Great Gaming Experience was Shattered 🎮

There is a new video game called Destiny 2 that people have been waiting for ever since the release date was announced at The Electronic Entertainment Expo a.k.a E3. People were gnawing at the heels for this game. On most gaming platforms-Playstation, Xbox, PC(Nintendo Switch can’t handle this game due to a lot of techno-mumbo-jumbo). It was so crazy, the developers even partnered with PopTarts for additional advertising and bonus content for players. That’s a smart idea since a lot of hardcore gamers don’t really eat anything but junk food. Kudos to PopTarts for this one! Anyway, I digress.

I reserved a copy of the game for myself at my local Game Stop. I put money down on the game, the extra bonuses, the whole 9. I kept checking up on when exactly the game’ll come out and every representative and their mothers were telling me come for the midnight release. I even double checked the day before, and it’s the same answer. Perfect. So I thought to myself- I’ll leave work early to get to Game Stop on time, pick up my copy at midnight and then drive home to jump on the game with everyone else across the globe and have a grand ol’ time…for at least 2hrs, I had work the next day so I couldn’t get carried away.

Picture it: New York City at 11:45pm on a Tuesday night. I’m all ready for the release of this game, and as I’m standing there chopping it up with another gamer I hear some commotion at the front of the line. Naturally, I take a look to see what’s going on and to my surprise the store is closing up. Why? It’s 10 to midnight and some of us have been here since 11:30pm with no game in hand. At that moment everyone is in disbelief and I calmly walk to the front and speak to a guy who states he’s the assistant manager of the store. I ask him why is the store closing up and he tells us we were misinformed about the time, and the store doesn’t do midnight releases anymore due to a robbery that happened about a year ago.  That’s all well and dandy, but myself and other people left work early to get here on time to pick up this game. We shouldn’t be leaving empty handed.

Long story short, I ended up getting my game the next morning but before leaving for work. I was pissed. I even spoke to the usual store manager(who has driven the quality of service down the drain ever since she got there) and was told a completely different story. WTF!! We were told the night before we had to be there by 11pm, and now this woman is telling me on pre-release days customers have to be there before 9pm. Who the hell is making the policy here?

I was so motivated to email corporate and include a few F-Bombs in there explaining my experience in detail, and maybe even dramatizing it so they would do something. I don’t know…maybe say I spent my kid’s milk money for the next 3 months to get this game or something along those lines. I don’t have kids but still, they would’ve gotten the point. The lesson learned here was don’t patron Game Stop anymore because they’ll just ruin everything for you. If it’s possible find a local video game or electronics store that would have it and support them instead. No point complaining now that it’s almost a whole week since the game’s been out.

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