Should You Really Buy This?

Welcome back to another video game review! I’m glad that you’re here and you’re seeing this. For those of you that own a Nintendo Switch, it’s crucial to know which games on this platform are worth buying, and which ones aren’t. After all, we are all spending our hard earned money on games that we would want to enjoy and get our moneys worth. Today I’m going to advise you against buying this game. In short – this game isn’t fun for anyone over the ages of 10 years old – at least it isn’t to me, and of course I’m not being biased against Yoshi at all.

This game at first glance is captivating, intriguing, and also makes you want to jump into it head first with no questions asked. However, there are some aspects that are pleasing, and on the flip side(see what I did there?) there are some that are substandard. Check out the video below for more details, and as always let me know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and to the channel and I’ll see you next time!

– Chipz

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