What’s up everybody! This is Chipz from the Youtube channel Chipz-N-Stix. Let me give you a quick run-down of who I am and what I like. First and foremost this site is all about video games, comics, and anything #nerd related. The main focus is anything and everything video game related, but from time to time I’ll touch on anything I feel is exciting especially if it’s something you guys would like to read about. The name Chipz comes from me having to get people to pronounce my name right. My name is Lais, and I had to tell people (actually I have to keep doing it) to pronounce my name like the chips. Got it? Good. This came from working with kids who couldn’t pronounce my name, and after awhile didn’t really care about doing it so they kept calling me Chips.

Of course I changed the “S” to a “Z”…anyway! Now that you understand that, you may wonder “what’s with the “stix”?” Well friends- that’s just slang for controller. When you think about it, what do you use to move around? The sticks that are on the controller. There ya have it, nothing too special. So, with all of that being said, I hope you like what I post and tune into the channel when new content is up. Feel free to comment on whatever’s up because community inclusion is important. I like to connect with people in some way to know I’m keeping you entertained or even doing a good job. See ya later!


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