Right about now everyone is up to date with the latest Sony news. Speculation has been a bit on the heavy side from fans as to whether or not Sony is going to release a Playstation Mini. Nintendo has been on fire with their SNES Classic Mini, a re-release of the NES Classic Mini coming back out in June, and apparently a new patent from Nintendo for an N64 Mini (more on this later). Sega announced they’re working on their own Sega Megadrive Mini, which no one knows anymore if this is being made in-house or if ATGames is making it. With all of the success and hype of these classic systems being released, you’d think Sony is sure to follow-up right behind them with their own…right?

MAYBE! According to an interview on a Japanese website called Mantan Web

and translated by the most lovely Google, Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) President Takeshi Kodera decided to speak on it, but at the same time not speak on it. The direct quote is below:

“There is nothing we can talk about at the moment. We are constantly digging up past assets and I think there are various ways of doing. There are various ways of talking about what kind of way (inside the company) It is made to have inclusion “.

A lot of people are taking this as Sony already has this in the works. It’s a nice thought, but do you think this would work? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony but this would just be pointless. Let’s say Nintendo does launch their N64 Mini, and Sony releases their Playstation Mini within the same year, the competition is going to be rough. I personally feel like that market has already been cornered by Nintendo and Sega.

The Neo Geo Mini is being released by SNK but I don’t see that selling anywhere near as much as it’s competitors. Sony already has the backwards compatibility with their PS3 and PS4 digitally. If they were to implement that into their next system and just keep expanding their library it would be another selling point for us gamers that want those old games without having to plug up our old systems or even try buying another one for whatever reason. As of right now, the only games that can be played on the PS4 are the old PS2 games that are on the Playstation Network(PSN). If they can make all of the PS1 & PS2 games playable on their next system, then we’re set. I mean…they can even release an update for those of us that have the PS4 and let us enjoy the last 3 years of its life.

What do you guys think? Would you buy a PS Mini if Sony released one? What games would you want on there? Let me know!