Can any of you out there answer this question? Think long and hard about it, and then tell me your answer in the comments. Let me just go over a few things with you first:

What is an Easter Egg? Often used in movies, video games, and comics, it’s an inside joke or clue. Something that hints to another movie, video game or comic of the past, which can also be used as a hint for something to come in the future. In almost all of the aforementioned mediums you see is riddled with these easter eggs and sometimes they’re pretty fun to catch. Only if you know what it’s being referenced to, otherwise it’ll fly right over your head.

With that said, Super Mario Odyssey has a level called The Metro Kingdom. This kingdom is riddled with easter eggs and they all hint towards one thing!

Metro Kingdom is designed to look exactly like New York City(the best place on Earth) and it’s also called New DONK City.  DONKey Kong…come on!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Mario in New Donk City

I didn’t catch it on the first time getting there. Then I started to notice some of the easter eggs like streets and avenues named after certain characters. Even the park is named after a character in the Donkey Kong Franchise. You know what…almost everything in this Kingdom derives from this particular franchise. Take a look at the list below:

After you beat the main boss in this level and grab a band together at the request of Mayor Pauline, her and the band throw a festival in your honor. By the way, Pauline paved the way for Princess Peach to being kidnapped because she was the very first person to be held hostage.


So when you start the level, you go into a pipe on on end and come out the other end in a 8-bit world that’s exactly like the very first Super Mario game with Donkey Kong in it.

And then, after some upside-down shenanigans, Mario finally reaches what is ostensibly a level straight-up out of the original "Donkey Kong":

As you progress through the levels that basically tell you you’re going to face DK, you actually come up against the big guy himself. That’s right, good ol’ Donkey Kong in the flesh! With barrels reigning down upon you all the while sitting on top of your question mark blocks with money that has your name on it.


After doing some research which was inspired by this blog, I found out that this isn’t really Donkey Kong. It’s supposed to be Cranky Kong, which is the elderly ape from the Donkey Kong franchise. I’ll admit that particular fact went way over my head, but oh well. Moving on!

Is this REALLY all there is to it? Is Donkey Kong’s fate only to appear in other games as a guest character? No. I believe there’s more to this than meets the eye. Nintendo gave an entire kingdom dedicated to DK, who does that for guest appearances only? No one! What reason could there possibly be, to do that AND feature the original damsel in distress? Why give a Diddy Kong outfit in the crazy cap stores within the game?


Nintendo thinks they’re smart, but I’m not falling for it. I can see right through their smoke and mirrors. There’s too much DK fever going on for me not to notice. It’s all over facebook, instagram, twitter, maybe even foursquare and crazy kitten. I don’t know about that last one but the point I’m trying to make is DK is showing up everywhere. I’m just going to say that given all of the evidence, we can expect a new Donkey Kong title on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s going to be bananas. Get it?!SmartSelectImage_2017-12-13-13-43-10



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