Enjoy The Process

My mom always tells me "everything happens for a reason, both good and bad". So if something doesn't happen right away for you it's because it's just simply not your time to have it. Maybe something 100x better will come your way - and when it does you'll appreciate it more. For those of you that aren't content creators, the same rule applies to you. Not everything that you deserve will come your way when you want it to. Keep your head up. Keep working your ass off. Enjoy the growth. Enjoy the process.

New Combo System in Kingdom Hearts 3

Longer Combos and higher damage Kingdom Hearts is a game that's not known for fancy combos and hard-to-do button inputs. However, there is a system that hasn't been quite tapped into yet with the latest installment, Kingdom Hearts 3 that will have you rethinking how you head into battles. Due to the new battle mechanics, it's much … Continue reading New Combo System in Kingdom Hearts 3