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Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee Tree-house Demo From Nintendo

2v1 battle system, Pokeball controller, trading and so much more… What’s up everyone?! Sorry for the drought, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. Basically trying to live stream […]

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Would A Playstation Classic Mini Be A Boom Or Bust?

Right about now everyone is up to date with the latest Sony news. Speculation has been a bit on the heavy side from fans as to whether or not Sony […]

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Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee Official Nintendo Switch Titles CONFIRMED

What will we get with the new Pokemon Switch titles? What’s up fellow gamers?! Today I want to talk about the buzz going around lately regarding Pokemon. It has been […]

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Cloud Saves, Nintendo Virtual Console, and Nintendo Online Support… Did Nintendo Hit Us With a Bob-omb?

A few key updates for the Nintendo Switch Console that you might’ve missed… How many of you thought Nintendo wasn’t going to give us Virtual Console? I’d like to say […]

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Kratos and The New God of War Impressions

A reinvention of God of War and Kratos’ new story This rendition of God of War is much different from the previous versions, and one clear and key factor is […]

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Sega Fan Meet-up Announcements Brings Shenmue Remastered and Sega Megadrive Mini!

With no subtitles, fans got the gist of it I was able to catch the live stream Sega held via Twitch this evening called Sega Fan Meet-up 2018 (it happened […]

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New Joy-Con With D-Pad Coming Your Way!

The developer for Bayonetta 3 tweeted this right before the Nintendo Direct. So here’s where the plot thickens – he made the “demand” for getting a new Joycon with a D-Pad…. and then  BOOM! Not even an entire month goes by and HORI announces on their website they’re releasing a new Left-side Joycon with a D-Pad for the Switch.

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Can The Watchmen Stand The Test of Time?

Not too long ago DC Comics started their Rebirth line of comics.  It’s as the name implies which means there’s new problems behind every corner that our superheroes turn. Things started to pick up with the Batman and Flash crossover comics(only 4 issues long) which leads up to the real meat and potatoes. Something no one has ever thought would happen, yet everyone wanted it to happen. That’s right my friend, DC Comics incorporated The Watchmen into the DCU.

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Wakanda: Black Panther’s Modern Dystopia

Black Panther Is A Fascist Dictator, And Would Inspire Dictators All Over The World
Think about what Black Panther really is. His secret identity is King T’Challa of Wakanda: a leader who has inherited power through a patriarchal line, rules via a militaristic monarchy, and uses superpowers to enforce his will. Black Panther is basically what Kim Jong-un believes himself to be. The major difference here is that Wakanda is an actual world superpower, and not an inconsequential punchline.

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