Early game play of Pokemon may change your mind

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post – and a lot has happened. I’ve been working on my YouTube channel and I’ve been facing…let’s just call it “creator’s block”. What re-invigorated me to get back to blogging and working some more on my channel overall was getting away from everything and diving into what makes me the happiest. That, ladies and gentlemen, is video games.

Recently I visited some good friends of mine on the west coast in Seattle, WA – and while I was there I managed to hang with them for a few days while attending PAX West 2019. Normally PAX East/West is a big deal and it’s a must go-to convention if you’re in the video game realm( there’s a lot to do in video games that can turn out to be a profession, fyi). There were a lot of things that I wanted to do but only managed to do 2 things – get footage of Pokemon Sword & Shield and also play Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

However, for today’s blog I’m going to give you my impressions of Pokemon Sword & Shield and give you my thoughts on what I managed to play so far. In a previous video I did on YouTube I was a bit upset about the national Pokedex not being included in this installment of the franchise. You can check it out here. My thoughts since then have changed, and I’m going to take a leap of faith here.

More information has come out about Pokemon and now we’re getting some more added features. Or rather, the same features but just vastly improved upon. We’re getting more character customization options, camping with your Pokemon, and the ability to actually cook food and feed it to your Pokemon. I guess the Poke-puffs are gone for now. That’s not all folks! This game actually looks really nice IN PERSON. I have to stress that because we’re not getting the full effect by watching on the other side of our screens.

Check out my game play impressions based on the 15 minute demo I got my hands on while at PAX West a few weeks ago at the Pokemon booth and let me know if this changed your mind(I hope so!) or if you’re still not moved by it. Don’t forget to join the Squirtle Squad here on the blog AND on Youtube by subscribing so you don’t miss out on any game play impressions and reviews!

– Chipz

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