Roxxon Corporation and The Tinkerer, and maybe one more

Spiderman: Miles Morales is only a few weeks away with the debut of the Playstation 5. Thanks to Insomniac Games’ social media feed and other press releases, we’ve seen a few of Miles’ friends. A video that was shared on Insomniac’s Twitter recently shows a text message conversation between Miles and Peter Parker. Peter, who is now a mentor for Miles shares some words of encouragement and even talks about pizza stains on the spidey suit.

Another teaser that was again released by Insomniac was another text message between Miles and his best friend Ganke Lee. Of course, in bro fashion they talk about being AND training as Spiderman, Rio(Miles’ mom), and another suit design. This is the TRACK suit that’s coming as a pre-order bonus with the latest game. According to Insomniac Games’ Twitter page, these videos are actually part of a series that will lead up to the release date.

We know that The Tinkerer is one of the main villains for this game with The Rhino and Roxxon Corp, possibly being another. We probably won’t see anymore villains be announced because we’re so close to the release date, but we do know of a possible villain that could show up based on events that happened in 2018’s Spider-Man PS4. An easter egg showed Eddie Brock, who we all know to be Venom could also be in this game, since he does work for the Daily Bugle.

This game takes place 1 year after Spider-Man PS4 so maybe Eddie Brock has made his way up the ladder and into the spotlight covering anything and everything related to Spider-Man, and Miles has also moved with his mom Rio Morales uptown to Harlem, and as you can see from Insomniac’s tweet she’s gotten into politics. This time gap could also mean the introduction of new characters from the comics!

In the comics while Miles was in school he had a romantic relationship with a girl named Kate Bishop. If you don’t know, Kate Bishop is supposed to be the next DLC character along with Hawkeye(Clint Barton) in Marvel’s Avengers. However, if Insomniac borrows certain elements from the comics to give Miles a little bit of a heart-wrenching like they did with Peter and Aunt May, then this would be perfect. It turns out that Kate Bishop is a member of Hydra, so having Miles find out, in my opinion, would enrich the story.

Kate Bishop:

This series has indeed become it’s own universe so at this point anything can happen. Maybe she’ll still be part of Hydra and maybe she won’t. Anything’s possible and that’s the beauty of introducing this character into this series and this particular Marvel universe. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will swing into stores alongside the PS5 November 12, 2020.

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