A new wave of PS5’s are coming so get ready…

In a few short days the Playstation 5 will be available to the masses on November 12, but mostly for the lucky few who managed to snag a pre-order back on September 16. If you haven’t managed to grab yourself a PS5 by now then you may be in luck, and I am emphasizing the luck here.

Sony recently released a statement that they will not be selling consoles in stores due to COVID-19. For those that are picking up their consoles in-store; nothing’s changed but to be safe, just double check with your retailer to be sure.

What this means for you, you poor unfortunate soul(little mermaid reference for ya), is that you’ll have to try your hand once again at online shopping. I only pray the internet gods are on your side!

Walmart will be releasing waves of orders online November 12: 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm EST.

Target confirmed via Black Friday ads they’ll have some stock also available for online purchase but didn’t mention exactly when it’ll go up.

Best Buy hasn’t said a word on when or if they’re even going to restock at all. They did confirm that you’ll be able to pick one up in 2021 in their stores, hopefully they’ll give some info before the big day.

The Playstation 5: Disc Version retails for $499 and the all digital version goes for $399. Both of which should be available at the above retailers. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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