In a big shock to everyone this morning, Tuesday April 27th, Nintendo finally decided to release a massive update to the hit party game, Super Mario Party. This game came out in 2018 with a lacking amount of online support. You couldn’t play the main game modes online and it only had a selection of ten mini games available to play online. I do have a few questions that I am asking to myself about this title. Why on earth would you release this sort of update after almost 3 years has past? Are they working out a sequel for this game that supports online play on day 1? Who knows why Nintendo does things the way they do, but honestly, I love that that they added it, especially since it keeps selling an insane amount of copies. Now, there is a reason to get it more so than not. This kind of update would have been very beneficial to do when the pandemic started, but I guess now is better than never.

Twitter Post at 8:00am.

Below are the patch notes and the youtube trailer that were released this morning.

Nintendo Support

Lastly, there might be another title in the works in the franchise, or there could also be new boards to play as either as DLC or free updates in the future. We have seen Nintendo do a lot of free updates and more DLC packs than we have before, so maybe this game will also get some more content. Super Mario Party is now available for Nintendo Switch, and is definitely worth a pick up so you can play online with your friends in the main board game modes.

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