Gamescom Opening Night Live is a showcase that has been around since 2019 and has promoted a bunch of different games ranging from New IPs, New studios, AAA games, established studios, and so much more. Everyone has their own individual taste in games and what they like to play so my opinion on the show might not be the same as your opinion of the show, but in my opinion, that’s a great thing about games. I will not be recapping everything about the showcase, but I will go over the show as a whole, my opinion on it; and then talk about my favorite 5 things. Let’s get into it.

Shows that are hosted by Geoff Keighley have been around for a while and they include Summer Games Fest, Opening Night Live at Gamescom, and then of course The Game Awards. This one was one of the more diverse game shows for the different announcements. They had a bunch of games here that we already knew about like Gotham Knights, Hogwarts Legacy, The Callisto Protocol, High on Life, Homeworld 3, and more. They also had new announcements including the new PS5 controller Dualsense Edge, Dune Awakening, Moving Out 2, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and a lot more. In terms of content that this show had, it was packed.

When producing a show like this, advertisements are important to get money keep these going and the way this one was done, was probably the best one that Geoff has had yet. There was smaller amounts, but it was more so the pacing didn’t seem all that off, so I appreciated that it seemed to come in and out. In terms of some constructive issues I have with the show, there was 2 things I need to mention. Firstly, I NEED GAMEPLAY. In order to sell myself, and a bunch of others most likely, gameplay for games is king (my opinion). There was definitely gameplay, but there was a lot of CGI, or in game cutscenes, and that really is not gameplay to me. Secondly, in some parts of the show, pacing was off or segments might have dragged on a little too long for my liking. Otherwise, it was pretty solid overall.

Now, my favorite games from the show include both new and previously announced games. In no particular order, my top 5 games from the show are as follows.

  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Under the Waves
  • Atlas Fallen
  • Scars Above
  • Goat Simulator 3

Atlas Fallen probably was the biggest shock from me personally. Focus Entertainment has had amazing games in the past and this one looks like it will be an absolute blast to play as well. It started with just CGI in the trailer and I was like okay what about gameplay. Once gameplay showed up I was like, yes yes I need this game. Just really fun looking and all around looks like a blast to play when it launches next year.

Scars Above left me really wanting to see more of the game. Again, there was this feeling of it looked amazing in the CGI and once gameplay was shown ever so slightly, I was even more interested in the game. I want to definitely keep my eye on this one and it seems to have lots of different aspects in games that I have played but has the feeling of something like Returnal in some ways. I can’t wait to see more.

Sonic Frontiers is a game that I was very interested in but this trailer absolutely confirmed to myself that I need to play this game. I am now extremely interested in the story that it is trying to tell and also in terms of an overall experience. This game comes out on November 8th when it launches for all systems and I am ready for it when it does. The game looks like it will have a lot of content and I am here for it all.

Goat Simulator 3 was a game that I had a strong interest in playing and having fun as a Goat wrecking havoc and this game takes what was done in the first one and makes that one look like nothing. I bought the first one before this one was announced but after seeing this gameplay, I may just hold off and play this one over that one as this game looks like it will be a crazy time with friends and others.

Under the Waves is an indie game that I am extremely interested in. There seems to be a very dark and haunting story that explains why you are underwater exploring the ocean and what has happened. I really was enthralled with everything that was in that trailer and think it looks beautiful. I absolutely need to play this game when it launches and explore the whole narrative adventure to uncover the mysteries.

Games are a joy to play for everyone and no matter if you agree with my list or if you think you liked others more, that is okay as everyone is different. Let us know if you have specific games you liked, if you agree with us, disagree, we would love to chat about games.

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