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New Joy-Con With D-Pad Coming Your Way!

The developer for Bayonetta 3 tweeted this right before the Nintendo Direct. So here’s where the plot thickens – he made the “demand” for getting a new Joycon with a D-Pad…. and then  BOOM! Not even an entire month goes by and HORI announces on their website they’re releasing a new Left-side Joycon with a D-Pad for the Switch.

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😡Game Stop: How A Perfectly Great Gaming Experience was Shattered 🎮

There is a new video game called Destiny 2 that people have been waiting for ever since the release date was announced at The Electronic Entertainment Expo a.k.a E3. People were gnawing at the heels for this game. On most gaming platforms-Playstation, Xbox, PC(Nintendo Switch can’t handle this game due to a lot of techno-mumbo-jumbo). It was so crazy, the […]

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