Yoshi’s Crafted World Review- Nintendo Switch

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a new switch games that was added to the ever growing Nintendo Switch first party line-up that tries to draw you in with colorful visuals and easy-to-pickup gameplay. You can play the classic mode or the super easy casual mode that makes this already easy platformer a breeze

Sega Fan Meet-up Announcements Brings Shenmue Remastered and Sega Megadrive Mini!

With no subtitles, fans got the gist of it I was able to catch the live stream Sega held via Twitch this evening called Sega Fan Meet-up 2018 (it happened on 4/13/2018 around 10pm) and boy was I surprised. Like the sub-header says, there weren’t any subtitles to go along with the announcements! You would …