If you purchased a copy of Cyberpunk 2077 you can now get a refund

In case you haven’t been aware of what’s been going on lately in the gaming scene, Cyberpunk 2077 recently released half-baked – and not in a good way. The scandal here is that CD PROJEKT RED ONLY allowed reviews of their game on PC before the actual launch. What they didn’t show you was how bad it would be on last-gen consoles(PS4 & XBOX ONE X). Due to it being highly unsatisfactory amongst gamers, who have loudly voiced their frustrations on social media and on the meta-critic website, CDPR has acknowledged their wrong-doing and decided to help those unsatisfied customers get a refund.

At first they said to get in touch with the retailers for the refund, and that they’ll help you however they can to get your money back. One of the companies not willing to play ball was Sony. It seemed as though they had stood firm in their position and didn’t want to refund anyone their money for the game, and probably wanted customers to wait for the update to come out before attempting a refund. However, updates aren’t rolling out until after the holiday season which would fall outside of the date range for Sony’s refund policy.

In a tweet from Playstation earlier today, they decided to roll that decision back and refund gamers their money AND de-list the game from their digital storefront until further notice. Click here to get your refund process started.

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