Wakanda: Black Panther’s Modern Dystopia

Black Panther Is A Fascist Dictator, And Would Inspire Dictators All Over The World
Think about what Black Panther really is. His secret identity is King T’Challa of Wakanda: a leader who has inherited power through a patriarchal line, rules via a militaristic monarchy, and uses superpowers to enforce his will. Black Panther is basically what Kim Jong-un believes himself to be. The major difference here is that Wakanda is an actual world superpower, and not an inconsequential punchline.

How Bad Was The Nintendo Direct Mini?

Nintendo dropped a much hyped-up bomb, and I don’t like it For quite some time there has been a lot of hype brewing all over the internet about Nintendo’s biggest news. What are they going to show? What will we get for 2018? Is it going to be good? Find out on the next episode …

Super Mario Odyssey Review: Should You Buy It?

It wasn’t Game Of The Year worthy, but it’s good! What’s up good people?! Chipz is back with another review and this time it’s a good one. Long overdue, but nothing good comes quickly. Sometimes you have to take your time with things to see how you really feel about them. In this particular case …