Wakanda: Black Panther’s Modern Dystopia

Black Panther Is A Fascist Dictator, And Would Inspire Dictators All Over The World Think about what Black Panther really is. His secret identity is King T'Challa of Wakanda: a leader who has inherited power through a patriarchal line, rules via a militaristic monarchy, and uses superpowers to enforce his will. Black Panther is basically what Kim Jong-un believes himself to be. The major difference here is that Wakanda is an actual world superpower, and not an inconsequential punchline.

Super Mario Odyssey Review: Should You Buy It?

It wasn't Game Of The Year worthy, but it's good! What's up good people?! Chipz is back with another review and this time it's a good one. Long overdue, but nothing good comes quickly. Sometimes you have to take your time with things to see how you really feel about them. In this particular case … Continue reading Super Mario Odyssey Review: Should You Buy It?