Tetsuya Nomura is prepping for the next game on PS5

In a recent interview with Famitsu the famed Final Fantasy 7: Remake series creative director Tetsuya Nomura (also the main driver for Kingdom Hearts) confirmed with there will be no more DLC after the recently announced Yuffie DLC that’s scheduled to drop in June along with Playstation 5 upgrades for the game. Nomura stated in the interview the original plan was to re-release FF7 for the Playstation 5 which would’ve included the Yuffie DLC in it as another chapter. However, since the team opted to go the DLC route and package it along with the upgrades, there are no current plans for future DLC. He goes on to state the following:

Due to the upgrade, as a result, it became necessary to separate the additional parts of Yuffie by the name “DLC”. However, the original purpose was to make the PS5 version of ” FFVII Remake “, not to “make DLC”. Therefore, there are no plans for DLC at this time. This time, by preparing the environment for PS5 with ” FFVII Remake Intergrade“, the transition to sequel development proceeded smoothly. We give top priority to the roadmap to completion, so if you need to think of it as DLC, I think it will be after completion.

Photo was taken from SE YouTube video

Nomura also gives a little more detail about how Yuffie plays along with the new character that she’s paired with, named Sonon. While Yuffie is the only playable character, she can link her attacks with Sonon if you stand next to him and press the L2 trigger in “linkage mode”. Sonon uses a staff as a weapon while Yuffie uses her iconic shuriken – and the two of them together will be able to pull off some pretty amazing combos. Nomura also said there will be new materia and summons in the Yuffie DLC episode but hasn’t specified what those will be.

Photo was taken from SE YouTube video

If you’ve previously purchased a copy of Final Fantasy 7: Remake then you’ll be eligible for the free upgrade to PS5 with graphical modes for both 4k and 60fps support, along with the addition of a photo mode. This update will arrive on June 10, 2021 along with the Yuffie DLC episode, but the price for that has yet to be announced.

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