2v1 battle system, Pokeball controller, trading and so much more…

What’s up everyone?! Sorry for the drought, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. Basically trying to live stream most of E3 and taking notes of things that’s worth sharing with you guys. I decided to share with you some quick facts about Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee with you and potentially answer any questions you may have. This isn’t going to be in my usual format but instead some quick notes with some pics to go along with it to give you a better idea of whats going on.

Let’s Go! 

….sorry but I couldn’t resist!

pkmn wild catch

pkmn share exp catch
Catching Pokemon is the same as Pokemon Go! Once a Pokemon is caught, all Pokemon in your party share the exp to level up.

Battling is the same as the main core series.  Your party also shares the exp when you win. This functionality hasn’t changed in this iteration of the game, so the battle menu with the move-sets, items, and run options will still be there.

pkbll controller
You can use a single joy con or the Pokeball controller. There are different ways to throw the pokeball-which can affect the success of your capture. For example: underhand, overhead, side to side, curved angle, etc.

In hand-held mode, you would have to hold a button and release it in combination
with the switch’s GYRO controls.

pkbll underhand throw
In this scenario, the player used an underhand throw
pkbll sideways throw
In this scenario, the player moved the joy con from side to side throw

Shaking the second joy con allows for co-op play. When your player 2 is on the screen, he/she will also have their Pokemon walk about freely, as well as have Eevee/Pikachu out with them as well.

When catching Pokemon with 2 players, chances of success do not increase. Both pokeballs merge making one ball. In order to catch the Pokemon successfully both players need to be in sync when doing the throwing motions.

When battling the NPC in co-op mode, the NPC is at a handicap.  This is especially good
if you’re battling a tough NPC. Player 2 doesn’t gain any exp from winning a battle.

riding pkmn

You can only ride the larger Pokemon. For example: Onyx(confirmed), Charizard (maybe), Dragonite (maybe), Arcanine(maybe), Lapras(confirmed). Pokemon are scaled to size to reflect their stats such as their height and their weight. So any Pokemon that’s close to or equal in height of the trainer don’t qualify to ride on…that’s just cruel. Player 2 can’t ride Pokemon.

pkmn rival
Enter a capYour Rival isn’t Your Rival!!
The “Rival” NPC is there to help you along
your journey rather than to challenge you.

This is sort of remeniscent of Hau from Sun & Moon. He’s super friendly and gives you advice and even items to help you along your journey. It wasn’t shown whether you battle your in-game rival or not, but this pretty much eludes to not being able to do so.

pkmn center
Pokemon center

When healing your Pokemon, your Pikachu/Eevee jumps off of you
and onto the counter.  The Pokemon that follows you pops back into
the pokeball.

pkmn events 2
You can now interact with some of the citizens in each town/ throughout the world. Seems as if each completed event rewards you with something.

pkmn gym 1
Before you can challenge a gym leader, you have to be qualified by the “gatekeeper”. This person checks your team to see if you have a certain pokemon typing in order to beat the
gym leader and the gym trainers. This is more “hand-holding” that fans didn’t like from Sun & Moon. It’s meant for the casual gamers and to introduce new players to the series, so it’s fine. I don’t see this as a problem for THIS GAME but we better not see this in Gen 9 that was announced for the second half of 2019.

pkmn trade code

When trading locally you would have to pick a 3-Square pokemon pattern and tell whomever you’re trading with what the picture code is. Example: Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee. Once they put in the code then you are free to trade. They didn’t show an example of trading online, so I imagine the picture code wouldn’t be needed and it would be similar to the Wonder Trade or when you trade with your friends over the internet(you’d need them on your friends list).

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When sending Pokemon from Pokemon Go!  to Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee they appear in something called Go Park. This replaces the Safari Zone from original
games. You can send any of the 151 Pokemon to GO Park AND their Alolan forms.
Once in the park, you’d have to catch them all over again in order for that Pokemon to join your team. If you catch a high level Pokemon in GO! it’ll be a higher level in Let’s Go! once you catch it. Pokemon trades aren’t limited to just your Pokemon Go! account, you can receive Pokemon from other people! Whoever traded from Go! receives candies for their Pokemon sent to their Pokemon Go! account. There are different candies to increase
various stats, which makes things a bit more interesting in terms of raising them.

If you want to watch the Tree-House presentation, feel free to watch the video below, and let me know what you guys think of this. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more video game updates!

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