Lots of changes for Pokemon. Might be for the better…

On May 29th, 2019 the press conference for The Pokemon Company in Tokyo, Japan was quite interesting, and I have to say, it had its moments. The biggest highlights are the immense changes TPCi is trying to implement for the future. First and foremost, the one feature ever trainer wants, especially with Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu & Eevee, would be Pokemon Bank(pokebank for short). What this does essentially is let you bring over all of your Pokemon from the previous main -line games into one “bank” and then bring them into the current generation you’re currently playing. You can’t send any Pokemon to previous generations though. TPCi knew it would be a problem if trainers weren’t able to trade their Pokemon from the Let’s Go games to Pokemon: Sword & Shield.

The most simple solution would be to make one centralized feature to enable trainers to trade from whatever platforms/devices they use to play any Pokemon game that allows trading. Here’s where Pokemon HOME comes into play. You can now trade your Pokemon from Pokemon GO, Let’s GO, and any of the previous main-line games into one central hub. Pokemon HOME would now be an app that you can use on your smart phone/mobile device and trade your Pokemon from anywhere at any time. Their aim is to have this go live by 2020, but I think it’ll be early 2020.

Another big announcement involves something new from TPCi, Niantic, and Nintendo once again, of course. We all remember the phenomenon that took place a few years ago. The one app that took the world by storm and made people actually want to go outside and be active is back at it again, but this time around they’re going after our sleep! No real details on how this would work besides having a device, that Nintendo was brought in to make, would track your sleeping patterns. I have no idea yet as to how this is going to work but I’ll keep you guys updated on it.

With all of this coming out, and the Pokemon Direct that happened on Wednesday(June 5th, 2019) it feels like 2019 going into the year 2020 is going to be big for Pokemon. By having the ability to trade your Pokemon from all the current platforms and games, it’ll truly be interesting and more casual-friendly like they had hoped. If you’re curious about diving into the world of Pokemon regardless of whether you’re a casual player or looking to become a hardcore trainer, see the video below!

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