Has Disney Started A New Trend In Philanthropy?

Disney donates proceeds from Black Panther For those of you that haven’t caught the Black Panther fever yet…shame on you. Just kidding, it’s an amazing movie that brought in some amazing results in just a few short days of it being released. Over the weekend of it’s premiere, it managed to bring in $201.8M all …

Can The Watchmen Stand The Test of Time?

Not too long ago DC Comics started their Rebirth line of comics.  It’s as the name implies which means there’s new problems behind every corner that our superheroes turn. Things started to pick up with the Batman and Flash crossover comics(only 4 issues long) which leads up to the real meat and potatoes. Something no one has ever thought would happen, yet everyone wanted it to happen. That’s right my friend, DC Comics incorporated The Watchmen into the DCU.

Wakanda: Black Panther’s Modern Dystopia

Black Panther Is A Fascist Dictator, And Would Inspire Dictators All Over The World
Think about what Black Panther really is. His secret identity is King T’Challa of Wakanda: a leader who has inherited power through a patriarchal line, rules via a militaristic monarchy, and uses superpowers to enforce his will. Black Panther is basically what Kim Jong-un believes himself to be. The major difference here is that Wakanda is an actual world superpower, and not an inconsequential punchline.

Hyper-Sexualization In Video Games & Comics

Can something be done or should people “just deal with it”? Recently, an issue came up regarding a newly released video game on the Nintendo Switch called Xenoblade Chronicles 2. An image of one character named Dahlia surfaced that troubled a lot of people, and as a result they took to twitter. Dahlia was designed …