Can The Watchmen Stand The Test of Time?

Not too long ago DC Comics started their Rebirth line of comics.  It’s as the name implies which means there’s new problems behind every corner that our superheroes turn. Things started to pick up with the Batman and Flash crossover comics(only 4 issues long) which leads up to the real meat and potatoes. Something no one has ever thought would happen, yet everyone wanted it to happen. That’s right my friend, DC Comics incorporated The Watchmen into the DCU.

A Time to be Alive: New York City Comic-Con

As a comic reader, gamer, and overall nerd-one thing that excites me every year is comic con here in NYC. It’s a certain time of year when people congregate at the Javits Center and nerd out. There’s everything and anything you can possibly think of. Aisles upon aisles of comics both old and new. Books …