The social media giant has plans to incorporate a live-streaming service for content creators

What’s up good people?! Chipz here with another blog post and this one is definitely going to catch your eye. On January 26th, Facebook announced via their blog that it’s throwing their hat into the live-streaming ring along with Twitch and YouTube. This new initiative is called the “Gaming Creator Pilot Program”. Think of it as a beta of sorts for their new service to test the waters and see how everything works out. This new brain-child from Facebook came about because they noticed a lot of gamers are live-streaming on their platform and are bringing in a lot of views. So the most logical thing to do would be to capitalize on it, right? Right!

star trek surprise
I honestly didn’t see this coming…

They’ve cited results from a well known gaming content creator that goes by the name StoneMountain64 that apparently has 1 million followers, streaming such games as PUBG(Player Unkown Battle Ground) Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and Hunt: Showdown just to name a few. Their functions are very similar to their new competitors and according to their blog they’ll be adding more features as they continue to grow, one of them is the ability for creators to stream their content in full 1080p 60fps. 

gamer stream
StoneMountain64 partnered up with Facebook for pilot program

For these creators and for the future gaming creators on Facebook, our pilot program is focused on several things:

  • Helping gaming creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than anywhere else
  • Increasing discovery and distribution across multiple surfaces, including, Instagram and Oculus
  • Supporting gaming creators with the types of tools they need to make a living streaming games on Facebook
  • Building a platform where creators at every level have the opportunity to thrive

Another key point they want to hone in on is the ability for content creators to monetize their streams on Facebook. The money would be paid to the creators directly from their fans during the live-streams. Think of it like this: have you ever watched something on Twitch and the content creator had this little overlay/animation that popped up on the screen whenever someone donated money to them via Patreon? It would basically be the same thing but just through Facebook. I’m not too sure how I feel about this, it’s like Facebook is trying to take over everything! Granted, Twitch is well established and has been for quite some time. A lot of people prefer Twitch as opposed to YouTube for live-streaming, and what will this mean for Patreon users that are already subscribed to their favorite content creators if they switch over to Facebook? Will the fans have to subscribe to an all-new service? What do you guys think of this new pilot program Facebook launched recently?

5 thoughts on “Will Facebook Take Over Twitch & YouTube’s Territory?”

  1. Honestly I don’t think Facebook is going to have a leg to stand on this because twitch and YouTube have that market pretty much on lockdown. Also the donation pop ups come from stream labs I don’t think it comes from Patreon since Patreon is a monthly “subscription” kind of donation, but anyway I doubt streamers from twitch are going to want to go to Facebook just because twitch also has a subscription based system where you pay 5 dollars a month to creators you like and I don’t think they want to lose that and go on Facebook for free again and lose out on steady money.

    1. Well the thing is this: who has the larger network and viewership? Right now Twitch would most likely be the one, but certain videos you can’t put up on Youtube because of copyright issues. Also, Facebook is looking to implement the same things as Twitch and possibly add on some more new features. I think it’s all about what benefits the content creators and makes things more simple for the viewers. Maybe not now, but in the long run Facebook might actually take the crown for this one.

    1. I can see your point and since I’m used to using twitch and YouTube I agree. However, looking at the bigger picture from a creator’s point using Facebook is attractive because now you have people from Mixer(Xbox exclusive platform) joining in. It’s also a matter of simplicity. Since you’re already logged into your Facebook profile, why not just click a link to watch some people play the games you love(consumer point of view)?

      Thanks for the nomination! I’m still somewhat new to blogging so I’m completely unaware that these things exist lol. I’m honestly just having a ton of fun writing about the things I love and sharing it with everyone!

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