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The one thing I hate most are micro-transactions in video games. Especially in games that I’ve already spent a butt-load of money on from the beginning. If you don’t know, micro-transactions are basically virtual purchases(relating to video games) within a game that helps the player get a leg up over everyone else. Or at least puts them on the same level. A lot of people refer to this as both “freemium” or “pay-to-win”. The latter being a derogatory term, one that I completely agree with.  Most of the time these purchases are bonus items that were not included in the game, or takes a lot of effort to EARN. Now I’ve been on the receiving end of these players who spend money for these items quite often, and in no way does it feel fun or rather on an even playing field.

It’s upsetting when someone who’s had a game for about week destroys a person who’s had the same game for almost 3 months . Not only was this limited to in-game items, but this has rang true for additional gaming content. Many, if not all games, have switched over to “pay-to-play”. When you sign into your PSN/Xbox Live account and you look at the add-on’s for a particular game you’re interested in you’ll see that there are more things to download if you choose to do so.

     This is called Downloadable Content or DLC. Companies will give some DLC for free(not much) and some paid. These DLC packages are content that has already been developed and excluded from the main game, which to most gamers feels like a rip-off. When you’ve already spent $60+ for a game, you don’t feel like spending the extra $20-30 for extra content that should’ve been included!! This is just another way for game developers to squeeze more money out of their consumers, the sure bet for them is that the people will buy into it.

Below are some references of video games made by developers to better illustrate my point:

Assassin’s GREED: Over the years with added features, Ubisoft has thrown their hat in the ring. These added bonuses come in the forms of costumes, weapons, extra story content, and in-game currency …to buy stuff in the game…How, or rather, Why Sway?!

assassins greed

CapCON: Capcom has repeatedly release fighting games that are half baked, just to release add-on characters that should’ve been in the original copy. Then they turn around and release 5 different versions of the same game with the DLC characters included, and then re-release ANOTHER finalized copy of the game with the original DLC characters plus some other bonus garbage. The picture below is perfect because Capcom continuously beats their customers over the head with this.


DeSTINGY: With the release of one of Bungie’s biggest hit titles, they’ve definitely juiced their fan-base with DLC. The first game had a 3 year run, which means almost 3 years of DLC…which were sometimes a bit costly. Their main DLC packages were more missions plus 1 or 2 maps, but the main part of it was part of the story mode. Each DLC package costed roughly $25 a pop. Let’s not forget the little things they charged for like emotes, different color shaders, and I think a few ships. Anyone who was dedicated to this game has spent about $200 before the 3 year mark hit for this game. Half of the content could’ve been added into the original story mode.

*I’m a fan of this game, but I don’t spend any money for content that’s not story mode/side-mission/multiplayer related.*


Money Kombat: Mortal Kombat has to be in everyone’s top 5 fighting games EVER!! This game has been around since Sega Genesis and has gotten better over the years(for the most part). They’re not as bad as Capcom, but they do have some extra characters that you have to pay for. If you wait long enough, you can get a discount on the bundle. This would include the full game and all of the DLC characters. You can probably expect to find this deal a few years later on down the line when it’s not so hot anymore.

money kombat

Hopefully, if and when gamers unite, and are tired of being juiced for every penny we have, maybe these companies will stop charging us for stuff that’s already made and include it in their games.


3 thoughts on “Micro-transactions: The Gaming Industry’s Worst Idea Since Duke Nukem”

  1. Love this post dude. I agree fully with my background in MMORPGs. In many cases you either have to grind it out or pay to be as good as everyone else. However just like in MMORPGS there are some companies that don’t rip you off, and paying isn’t cheating. I’ll use Nintendo and Smash as an example. Although you had to pay for the new characters, stages, and custom costumes for your mii characters, these were all developed after the game. Like “Money Kombat” (lol) you can buy a discount bundle if you wait. Then you have Splatoon 1 and 2…which they give all the DLC for free. So I completely feel you man. Great read

  2. Thanks man! I completely agree with you, but some of them are on a case by case basis. Another good example that I’m proud of(mostly because I’m a fan) is Batman Arkham Knight. WB & Rocksteady gave us a complete game, and the season pass for the DLC was most likely $80…I can’t quite remember. However! In my opinion the season pass gave you access to a ton of content that was made afterwards. None of it furthered the main story line because they were all side stories. They released a lot of costumes, different bat-mobiles, and playable characters. Again it’s just my opinion, but it made the game a lot better in my eyes. Hell, they even added some extra content with an update that way after the game was released, and it was FREE lol. I think Nintendo even did something with their DLC for Zelda: BOTW. They have a season pass for $20 with another game mode that’s supposed to be harder, and more content for the game coming out soon, if I’m not mistaken.

  3. As much as I want to defend Capcom because I think Street Fighter 5 is coming along pretty well… in terms of being a long term fighter ( Arcade Edition was announced and is free to all original owners) they went and ruined it with MVC infinite. Black Panther, Monster Hunter and Sigma should have been in the game from the start… but ok I mean it’s a dlc character so that’s like 5 bucks per character right? Oh wait.. I think it’s 8 dollars per character…. holy hell.

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