What’s up good people! There’s been a leak at the new Pokemon game that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Nintendo is hosting another one of their Direct conferences tomorrow evening, and everyone is speculating what they’re going to talk about. One thing for sure is they will talk about Mario Tennis Aces. Pokemon is supposed to be released on the Switch this year, and it’s already March. By the time some of the games come out it’ll already be summer which would only leave Pokemon to come out around the holidays and going into 2019. Fans are desperately asking for something much sooner but are willing to wait it out as long as we get some info about what’s going on.

But anyhoo! I’m a bit curious about this because it’s a remake, but my love for the Pokemon franchise will probably force me to get it, besides I never owned the original version of it anyway so it’ll still be new to me. Just a reminder for all of you that do play Pokemon, get everything straightened out in your PokeBank because sooner or later the new game will be compatible with it.

Let me know what you guys think, if it’s real or fake, are you impressed or not? Frankly I’m not, I want something better. Click on the link to the video below and check it out!

Do you guys think this is fake? The Nintendo Direct is announced for tomorrow and no one really knows what’s going to be announced. Better not be another Labo bullshit announcement. . . . Shout out to @pokemonworldinsta for finding this! . . . . @masajarvinen09 @retro.hero @avidansmith @pokemonrealm @harik87 @gameduderetron @gamingfolk @ringtoss.amiibo @sim0n_swe @djkevwhite @the_department_of_retro_gaming @thegamefanatics . . . . . . #nintendo #nintendopower #nintendogames #nintendo3ds #nintendoswitch #pokemon #retrogaming #playinggames #gamerlife #retrogames #gamers #games #pokemonmoon #pokemontcg #videogame #videogameaddict #instagame #gamer #gamerguy #gamergirl #gamestagram #playstation #xbox #pc #gameboy #gamingcommunity #sony #microsoft #pokemongo #chipznstix

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These are the times that the Nintendo Direct is scheduled for the various time zones: North America: 2pm PST / 3pm MST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST – UK/Ire: 10pm GMT – Europe: 11pm CET / 12am EET – Asia/Oceania: 7am JST / 6am AWST / 9am AEDT

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haha…get it?! Because they use Pokeballs to CATCH Pokemon…

4 thoughts on “Will Pokemon Finally Make It To The Switch Sooner Than We Thought?!”

  1. I’ve heard about a new Pokemon game on the horizon. I hope it’s going to be an adventure game where you can play with your friends to battle, trade and journey through the world of Pokemon together. Interestingly, I have recently been playing Pokemon Go again and also playing Pokemon in my Discord server. It’s a game I will always come back to lol. Thanks for the Update!

    -Luna 🙂

    1. Totally! I really want a new Pokemon game that was more like an RPG and not like the handheld versions. Give me some side quests to complete, a change in battle style, better animation…maybe even in the same style as Pokken. Someone made a 3d remodeling of Pewter City a while back and Nintendo forced him to take it down. I’m going to do a review of this direct that just happened, so stay tuned and thanks for reading as always!

      1. That would be awesome! An RPG Pokemon, it’s just like why hasn’t this game been released? Nintendo knows they can make a lot of money with it so I don’t understand what they are waiting for. Fingers cross we get this game 😀

      2. Definitely! When E3 comes around I’ll try to stream it and let you know so you can join in and watch

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