A few key updates for the Nintendo Switch Console that you might’ve missed…

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How many of you thought Nintendo wasn’t going to give us Virtual Console? I’d like to say a good 90% of you non-believers said this over the last few months. Guess what? Despite all of the retro games available on the e-shop, the classic games coming out from Sega and Capcom that will give us a lot of the games we grew up playing, it seems like Nintendo is giving us what we all wanted from the beginning. We’re going to get 20 playable classic games that were on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and it’s going to have multiplayer functionality! Nintendo was nice enough to give us a quick list of games that’ll be available from the start.

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Here’s another lovely update from the troll-masters at Nintendo. We’re getting cloud saves! I’m not sure exactly when this is going to kick in, but as per Nintendo we’ll be getting this some time before the online service is active. They didn’t really give much details either so we’ll most likely have to wait until E3 for their full update and details on the services provided to us. This is amazing for people that have logged an insane amount of hours in their games and won’t have to worry about losing their data. If I’m correct in my assumption, it’ll also allow us to free up memory on our cards and even on the on-board memory within the system to make room for new games to download and play.

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The only thing that is still troubling me is their stupid smartphone app. From what I can see on their website, Nintendo insists on using this app as their main source for online chat functionality. They took a step in the right direction with NES Online by allowing players to share the same screen and even having the option to hand over the controller virtually to another player, but why can’t they just be like XBOX & PLAYSTATION and have a separate function for the chat? The fans clearly didn’t like this feature and almost everyone resorted to using discord whenever they play online with their Switch. They’ve added to the list of games that’ll use their smartphone app and honestly I’m not happy about it. I’m excited for this tid-bit of news and even though I’m happy we’re getting these features I feel like they can still be better. Check out their website and info here and let me know what you guys think!

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