With no subtitles, fans got the gist of it

I was able to catch the live stream Sega held via Twitch this evening called Sega Fan Meet-up 2018 (it happened on 4/13/2018 around 10pm) and boy was I surprised. Like the sub-header says, there weren’t any subtitles to go along with the announcements! You would figure they’d have something since Sega-Europe actually tweeted this out in english for those to see who aren’t japanese. Nevertheless, it was a good experience to watch. It seemed like a more intimate setting as the venue wasn’t that grand.


From what I was able to catch and understand (thank god I watch anime) Sega is releasing a collection of games for the Nintendo Switch titled Sega Ages. I’m not exactly sure what games will be on there, since I’m not fond of all of Sega’s games but it looks to me like it’ll span over the age of Sega…I mean it is the name of the collection. Maybe this is what Sega was holding out for when they didn’t announce the other sega collection to be released on the Switch?


From what I can see, they had some of the classics such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV, and Phantasy Star. I thought I heard the woman mention SegaCD and I saw a clip of Panzer Dragoon which was on the Sega Saturn being shown so I can only assume that’s going to be in the Sega Ages collection as well. Again, bare with me on this because I’m working off of context clues and whatever phrases I may recognize. There were no subtitles to go along with the presentation!!

The next big thing that was announced was something that other companies tried to replicate but just couldn’t do it right. The one and only Sega Megadrive Mini!! I can’t lie to you and say I’m not excited about this game, when in fact I’m overly excited. I had planned on buying another system some time in the future and thought about trying to get all the games I used to have(I might do this anyway). Since someone was able to hack the SuperNES Mini I figure the same can happen for the Sega Megadrive Mini and I can put a ton of games on there. We’ll have to wait for an exact release date and so far I haven’t seen it on Sega’s official twitter page. This is scheduled for a 2018 release, but I’ll keep you guys posted on this one!


Last but not least is Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Shenmue series, so this may be a game I’ll have to check out later on. The presentation only announced it for the PS4 but Sega-Europe’s twitter page did say it will be released on Playstation, Xbox and PC. Something that strikes me as weird is why wasn’t this announced for the Switch as well? Did Switch owners already get enough with the Sega Ages Collection?


If you’d like to watch the stream for yourself, here ya go bud. Don’t say I didn’t look out for you! I wonder if Sega is going to do something a bit bigger in the future and announce a few more games. Hopefully they can bounce back and give us another Sonic Adventure title on all platforms. A guy can dream…can’t I?


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